Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of A Stroke

A recent study has shown that people who follow a Mediterranean diet can reduce their risk of having a stroke. This is a diet plan that encourages people to increase their intake... Read more »

Krishen Iyer Shares His Predictions For HealthCare Marketing Trends

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly because of technology. Big changes are happening almost every week, and mergers and disruptive startups are becoming more common. Tech companies that previously had no ties... Read more »

Understanding the Purpose of a Placebo in Treating Persistent Pain

If you have been hurt, you will expect the pain to go away immediately after getting treatment. This may persist for weeks or months. If the pain is persistent for three months... Read more »

Study Connects Chronic Pain To Suicide Risk

A new study indicates that one in ten deaths by suicide in the United States are committed by sufferers of chronic pain. Authors of the study conclude that the presence of chronic... Read more »
NYU Medical

NYU Medical Students to Obtain Medical Degrees for Free, Donors Include Jake Gottlieb and Kenneth G. Langone

An estimated 20,000 students are enrolled in American medical schools on a yearly basis. Almost all of them have to take out large federal loans as means to finance their studies. In... Read more »
Drew Madden Evergreen Healthcare

Drew Madden: Evergreen’s Man in Motion

Nestled in the booming start-up sector of Madison, Wisconsin is Drew Madden’s thriving project, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Billing itself as a consultant to healthcare providers from across the healthcare landscape, Evergreen is... Read more »

Diet And Exercise Has Positive Effects For Pregnant Women According To New Study

Heather Kinton was one of many women who joined a body weight health study conducted by Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Women like Heather were typically in their first trimester of pregnancy.... Read more »
Talkspace text Therapy

More Good News for Talkspace; CMO as the Newest Addition

The good news keeps coming for therapy provider Talkspace. Billed as “therapy on your cell phone,” Talkspace has turned quite a few heads in recent months with CEO Oren Frank’s announcement that... Read more »

How To Stay Healthy On Labor Day

Labor Day marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. Many people choose to celebrate this day by going to the lake with their family members and friends... Read more »

Study: Self Injury Mortality Rates Have Surpassed Diabetes

A surprising study recently released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows just how harmful drug and alcohol misuse have become in this country. According to the study,... Read more »