Measles Outbreak Strikes 4 States

Six people have been discovered to have the highly contagious Measles Virus in the Bay area of California. It is believed that all six people have contracted the virus from one individual... Read more »

The First Non Invasive Epilepsy Treatment Has Been Performed Outside Of The United States

MRI and laser technologies have been used for the first time outside of the United States. Physicians at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are treating the area of the brain know... Read more »

Tingling Of Hands And Feet Could Result From Many Causes

Often times when a person sits for long periods of time, they will feel the uneasy tingling in their feet. When they stand, and shake their feet a few times, the tingling... Read more »

CVS Is Entering The World Of Medical Devices

CVS is entering the medical device market. According to CNBC, the company is planning on making a device to be used for dialysis at home. CVS additionally plans to gain the approval... Read more »
SPF: The Most Important Skincare Staple, Explained by Jeunesse Global

SPF: Jeunesse Global’s Guide on the Most Important Skincare Staple

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone: Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. We can’t stress enough the importance of SPF and sun protection. That being said, wearing SPF every day can seem... Read more »

Slowing the Spread of Antibiotic Resistant Infections

The CDC’s new quick action approach could slow the spread of drug resistant pathogens, say CDC researchers in their report, Vital Signs, published Tuesday. Enterobacteriaceae, discovered in 1988 and evolving by 2001,... Read more »

Researchers Warn Protein From Meat Dangerous For Heart Health

A recently released study found that regular consumption of meat has been shown to increase an individual’s chances of heart disease by 60%. Conversely, the protein that is consumed from plant sources... Read more »

Researchers Find That A Single High-Fat Meal Can Contribute To Heart DIsease

A newly published report in the Laboratory Investigation journal details a study that indicates the effect that a single meal containing a high volume of fat can have on the blood vessels... Read more »

Apple Makes Medical Records More Easily Available With A New App

The systems at two hospitals in Chicago will soon enable the records of their patients to be carried on their iPhones. The University of Chicago Medicine and Rush University Medical Center are... Read more »

RAM Clinics Are Providing Medical And Dental Care To Remote Areas

The Valparaiso Kiwanis Club is considering bringing a remote area medical clinic to Northwest Indiana. This would be the fist clinic of this type to be located in Indiana. The care for... Read more »