US Consumer Healthcare Spending Up Says Report

A new study suggests that healthcare spending is on the rise in the US. However, increased usage of services is not to blame for the hike. On the contrary, the higher expenditures... Read more »

American Hospital Systems Form New Pharmaceutical Non-Profit

Pharmaceutical prices have been rising by leaps and bounds in America. In some cases, as with the antiparasite medication Daraprim, the price increases have been exorbitant, sudden, and apparently unjustified. Ordinary methods... Read more »

Longer Lasting Flu Vaccine Under Development

For many people today, getting an annual flu shot during the fall is part of their personal routine. Annual flu shots will not prevent everyone from getting influenza. However, they can help... Read more »

Death Toll From The Flu Concerns Health Officials

California is the nation’s most populous state. What happens in the state is often an indicator what is happening in the rest of the country. Right now, health officials are worried about... Read more »

Flu Epidemic Leads To Drastic Measures In Texas And California

The flu epidemic that has wreaked havoc throughout the country has caused one school district in Texas to close all schools in the district for one week and a hospital in California... Read more »

Getting Ready For A Flu Epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and other health experts are warning about a health concern that will likely impact hundreds, if not thousands, of people. This concern could threaten more people in... Read more »

Flu Slams U.S.

Flu season is barely upon us but if early signs are any indication we are in for a historical one. For the first time in 13 years, flu symptoms are being simultaneously... Read more »

Dr. Mark Mofid Shares The Top 6 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon

Like other types of surgery, plastic surgery requires the expertise of a skilled physician. The results of the surgery are long-lasting and so finding the right doctor for your procedure is critical.... Read more »

“Pregnancy Brain” is Real and it Lasts Much Longer Than Just Nine Months

It has long been rumored that pregnant women experience a phenomenon commonly referred to as “pregnancy brain”. Symptoms include mental fogginess, forgetfulness, and short attention spans. The problem is so common it... Read more »

Honey and Health go Hand In Hand

Honey is good for you. Really good for you. Pictures of humans eating and harvesting honey can be found in cave paintings dating back to the Stone Age. That’s 10,000 years ago.... Read more »