UCLA Psychiatrists Discover Link Between Autism And Schizophrenia In New Study

University of California doctors have successfully pinpointed a specific gene mutation responsible for various psychiatric disorders in a recently published study. Scientists are hopeful this discovery will lead to better diagnosis and... Read more »

The Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine

During a special news conference that was held on Thursday, the federal health officials revealed that the flu vaccine is working better than expected. The vaccine is so far showing an effective... Read more »
Humanitarian Dr. Mark Holterman Leads In Change

Dr. Mark Holterman Expands Humanitarian Interests with IPSAC-VN

Dr. Mark Holterman is a practicing doctor, a tenured faculty member, and a successful businessman. With so much on his plate, some people might expect Holterman to slow down. Holterman, on the... Read more »

An Upcoming Feature By Apple Will Enable Users Access To Their Medical Records

There is a good probability health records will be available on Apple smartphones. There was a case where a physician changed his patients blood pressure medication. The problem was the man had... Read more »

Probiotics Can Help Atopic Dermatitis Patients, New Study Suggests

A new study out of Spain suggests daily probiotic supplementation could help reduce symptoms of the skin disorder atopic dermatitis (AD). Amazingly, researchers believe probiotics might be just as effective at managing... Read more »

Herpes Prevalence is on the Decline

Since we ushered the new millennium, researchers have noted the decrease in the prevalence of both oral HSV-1, and genital herpes HSV-2 simplex virus. However, about half of Americans in their prime... Read more »

Helpful Travel Exercise Options

Travel and Exercise Requirements It can seem difficult to prioritize physical fitness during travel. Travel makes people feel exhausted. Time zone changes can throw people and their schedules off, too. If you... Read more »

Olympians and Wellness Suggestions

Olympians are naturally some of the fittest and liveliest individuals on the planet. Athletes who have won gold medals in the Olympic games are particularly impressive. That’s the reason that people should... Read more »

Doctors Might be Soon Prescribing E-Cigarettes in the UK

Starting smoking cigarettes is an easy habit to start, often people begin smoking during their late teens or early 20’s and continue to do so into full-on adulthood. The hard part comes... Read more »

Can Grape Extracts Treat Depression?

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC performed a study on chronically stressed mice. An article on the website, MedicalNewsToday, Feb. 5, 2018 explained the derivative they... Read more »