Antibiotic Use Can Increase Risk Of Death For Older Women

For nearly 8 decades now doctors have used antibiotics as their go to prescription for patients to fight illness, infections and viruses and the drugs have proven to lower the death and... Read more »

#MeToo is now afoot in the medical world

#MeToo is a fairly new movement of individuals who have experienced sexually inappropriate incidents in the workplace. Most often in old boys club dominated industries such as movies and television. But now... Read more »

This Flu Season Has Been Costly On Many Levels

The current flu season has been a record breaker and unfortunately not on a positive note. Influenza outbreaks began early this flu season and have maintained a rapid growth of hospitalization rates... Read more »

Emory University Trialing A New Weight Loss Procedure

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Miracle Breakthrough Eye Surgery Helps Boy Regain Sight

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There May Be Birth Control For Men

Women may no longer be alone in taking oral pills to prevent pregnancy. A recent study has shown that a new oral drug has been proven safe and effective to use in... Read more »
Clinical Depression

A Case Study in TMS Therapy for Clinical Depression

Betsy has lived with clinical depression most of her life, diagnosed in her late 20s. But looking back, she knows her depressive disorder began much earlier than that. Fast forward nearly 30 years. Betsy has been treated by... Read more »

Season Changes and Financial Assessments

People should carefully assess their monetary situations prior to the seasons changing. Doing so can help them keep things in order. The spring season is rapidly approaching right now. People who want... Read more »

Seaweed is a Promising, Healthy Superfood

Seaweed is an aquatic plant life also known as macro algae, or sometimes even ocean vegetables. It is the most sustainable plant on the earth because it doesn’t need fresh water, fertilizer,... Read more »
varicose vein treatment help

Venous Leg Ulcers: Do They Require Varicose Vein Treatment?

Not every patient that suffers from varicose veins will end up with venous leg ulcers. In some cases, varicose veins are merely an unsightly cosmetic concern that stops you from wearing shorts... Read more »