Terrific Skincare Suggestions

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Child Opioid overdoses have nearly doubled in 10 years

A study that was published on Monday lays out the fact that the Opioid crisis in America is very real. Even more disturbing, it’s affecting our children more than we likely knew.... Read more »

Increased Fish Consumption Could Reduce Risk Of MS

A new study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology suggests adding a moderate amount of omega-3 rich fish into a patient’s diet could significantly decrease their risk for developing multiple sclerosis... Read more »

US Congress Has Limited Time To Stabilize The Insurance Market

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Surveys Indicate That Trump Healthcare Will Inflate Premiums

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Is Body Positivity Bad for You?

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The Upsides and Downs of Wine Drinking

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Neurocore: The Safest and Most Effective Approach to Curing ADHD

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Finding The Right Vaccine To Treat Influenza

Dr. Jonas Salk, an accomplished American medical researcher, created a vaccine designed to fight, if not cure, those who had been infected with poliomyelitis a disease that attacked the nervous system. More... Read more »

Patient Healthcare Reformations Through Light

A report yesterday published by Science Daily, explores the interest of healthcare professionals in the use of lights when treating patients. The expected outcomes of implementing the light technology will benefit patients... Read more »