Eric Lefkofsky

Looking to Approach Cancer Via Big Data Analytics? Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs Has the Answer.

Cancer is a dynamic disease. Despite all that we know about it, it still puzzles physicians, making it difficult to design the perfect therapy for those who are afflicted. A Chicago-based startup,... Read more »

Neurocore Is Revolutionizing the Treatment of ADHD

What Is the Definition of “ADHD”? We’ve all heard the acronym “ADHD,” but what does it mean? ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it is a condition that can be diagnosed... Read more »

An Alarming Flu Season

Flu season is never a welcome thing for people. This current one, however, genuinely takes the cake. It actually has the distinction of being the most severe one in close to 10... Read more »

Health Matters of All Kinds

People often have somewhat interesting thoughts that involve the state of their health. That’s totally natural, too. People all want to be fit as a fiddle. Health troubles can be alarming and... Read more »

Flu Epidemic Takes Life Of Six Year Old

It now appears that we are in the middle of the worst flu epidemic in years. There have been at least 30 children who have died of the flu virus and we... Read more »

Choosing The Type Of Birth

For many women, a C-section is the only way that a baby can be delivered. It doesn’t mean that the woman has failed at a vaginal birth. It simply means that a... Read more »
Dr. Mark Mckenna OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME Will Change The Medical Aesthetics Experience

OVME is changing how high quality, minimally invasive cosmetic services are delivered. Through high-end retail environments and a mobile platform, Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME takes the medical aesthetics experience to a whole... Read more »

US Consumer Healthcare Spending Up Says Report

A new study suggests that healthcare spending is on the rise in the US. However, increased usage of services is not to blame for the hike. On the contrary, the higher expenditures... Read more »

American Hospital Systems Form New Pharmaceutical Non-Profit

Pharmaceutical prices have been rising by leaps and bounds in America. In some cases, as with the antiparasite medication Daraprim, the price increases have been exorbitant, sudden, and apparently unjustified. Ordinary methods... Read more »

Longer Lasting Flu Vaccine Under Development

For many people today, getting an annual flu shot during the fall is part of their personal routine. Annual flu shots will not prevent everyone from getting influenza. However, they can help... Read more »