Can Grape Extracts Treat Depression?

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC performed a study on chronically stressed mice. An article on the website, MedicalNewsToday, Feb. 5, 2018 explained the derivative they... Read more »

New Studies Suggest There’s A Link Between Cellphone Radiation And Cancer

The National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program (NTP) recently published two trials looking into the effects of cellphones on mice. While these tests aren’t conclusive, they do suggest heightened exposure to... Read more »

Moderate Red Wine Consumption Can Reduce Dementia Risk

A recent study out of the University of Rochester Medical Center proves a little bit of red wine each week could do wonders for cognitive health. Amazingly, doctors involved in this research... Read more »

Precision Medicine

No two sick people are exactly alike, even when they have similar and matching symptoms. For instance, two people with influenza at the same time don’t necessarily have the exact same symptoms... Read more »

Hookworm is a Major Problem for Travelers

People traveling from the United States to a foreign country may have to worry about getting certain vaccinations depending on which country they intend to visit. Travelers know that in some countries... Read more »

Coffee May Soon Come With a Cancer Warning

A cup of coffee in the morning is a staple for many people, but new information shows that it may not be as healthy as was once thought. Coffee has long been... Read more »

Studies Gather Health Outcomes For Early Retirement

In recent years studies have been done to compare health advantages and longevity to retiring early. The results depend on the stress levels of the retiree’s prior job, the activities the retiree... Read more »

One Boy Dies, Another Seriously Ill As The 2017-2018 Flu Season Hits Children Hard

The flu outbreak of this 2017-2018 winter has been particularly harsh across the country and has hit young people and children quite hard. Presently, 37 children have died from the flu. The... Read more »

This Year the Flu Season Has Already Outpaced Previous Years

Health experts are warning that this year will soon be ranked as the worst flu season in almost a decade, with the highest rate of emergency room patients being admitted for the... Read more »

Life Expectancy Gains Slowing

Life expectancy in the United States increased by 9.7 years in the 1950s. The low life expectancy countries across the world also showed life expectancy gains in the 1950s. Today, according to... Read more »