Lumos Labs and the Lumosity Brain Training Online Platform

Lumosity is an online game website created by Lumos Labs that consists of games that are designed to improve intellectual abilities such as memory, thought speed and problem-solving. The company was established by Kunal Sarkar, David Drescher and Michael Scanlon in 2005. The Lumosity website launched in 2007. In 2015, the number of members of the online platform reached 70 million.

Lumosity helps people find challenging ways to exercise their brain and train their essential cognitive abilities. The tool is available via an online game platform available at the Lumosity website. Several areas of science were explored to create the brain exercises and games. The system was developed through a partnership with the Human Cognition Project. The project brought more than 100 leading teachers, researchers and clinicians together from various organizations worldwide.

The Science Behind Lumosity

Over 20 academic publications have examined the scientific efficacy of the Lumosity brain enhancement systems. One trial studied over 4700 people to show that the Lumosity games caused measurable cognitive improvements. In this test, there was a control group that trained on crossword puzzles and a test group that trained with the Lumosity platform. The training took place five days per week in fifteen-minute sessions.

After the conclusion of the study, researchers measured twice as much cognitive improvement from the test group in comparison to the control group. The areas of intellectual ability were focused on memory, mathematical logic and speed in problem-solving.

The scientists who help design the games draw from cognitive and neuropsychological research tasks or design new, similar types of tasks for the software. The scientists work with game designers to create fun and addictive games. There are currently over 50 games that users can play to increase mental abilities. The games are designed to adapt to the player and provide a fun and challenging experience.

Using Lumosity

It is free to create a membership on the Lumosity platform and participate in the brain challenge activities. The games that are currently available for members are in several categories, including flexibility, attention, memory, speed, language, math, problem solving and several others. The platform is open to people of all ages.

Financing for the Company

In order to launch the website, Lumos Labs acquired $400,000 in venture capital from angel investors in 2007. In 2008, the company received $3 million from the Harrison Metal Capital firm and two other investment firms. The company received $32.5 million from a group of investors headed by Menlo Ventures and $31.5 million from a group led by Discovery Communications.

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