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Cheese boards are one of the most popular offerings at any social gathering. It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many people search online for, “how to make a cheese board,” when planning a party. Use the cheese board tips below and you’ll have a guaranteed hit.

Start With a Beautiful Cheese Board & Matching Cheese Knives

Brandless offers an attractive Acacia wood serving board for only $9. Acacia wood is a fast growing, sustainable hardwood prized for its interesting grain patterns. You can also pick up a matching a set of three chic cheese knives and a matching serving fork from Brandless for only $9. These stylish cheese knives, with their beautiful acacia wood handles, will add instant charm to your cheese board. Don’t be surprised if your friends ask, “Where did you get these cool cheese knives?” You can surprise them on their next birthday with a gift set of Acacia wood cheese knives, acacia wood cheese board, and stemless wine glasses for only $26.

Rustic Can Be More Beautiful Than Fancy

Some people pre-cut their cheeses and align them into perfect rows. While this method may produce nice neat rows of food, a more rustic display will get you more oohs and aahhs. Start your cheese board by placing three or more blocks or wedges of cheese on your Brandless Acacia cheese board in no particular pattern. Next, place other items like crackers, nuts, fruits, olives, jams, and charcuterie (cold cooked meats) around these cheeses. Pile them on in rustic fashion! Put wet items in small finger bowls. Once your cheese board is starting to fill up, use your chic Brandless cheese knives to cut only one slice of cheese off of each block or wedge. Leave the cheese knives on your board and allow the cheese slices to lie at an angle to the other food. If it’s crumbly cheese, let it crumble down in all its glory! You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you’ll get when you go rustic.

Add Edible Flowers or Flower Petals

In the spring, summer, and early fall, you can add edible flowers or flower petals to your cheese board. The lively colors will add a striking contrast to the rich Acacia wood grain of the Brandess cheese board and Brandless cheese knives. Not only will this make your cheese board a work of art, it will also serve as a conversation starter as many people don’t realize that they can eat flowers. If you’re unsure of which flowers are edible (be careful!), try going to a local farmer’s market, talking to the vendors, and buying your edible flowers directly from farmers who know. As a quick tip, all rose petals, including all colors, are edible, as are the flowers of any edible garden herb like basil and lavender. Other examples include pansies, marigolds, violets, hibiscus, dandelions, and daisies. Edible flowers have a variety of flavors including lemony, minty, spicy, peppery, sweet, tangy, licorice-like, melon-like, saffron-like, and sweet. They’re also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.

Make Your Cheese Board Seasonal

You can always make your cheese board stand out by celebrating the seasons. If it’s Thanksgiving, you could add cranberry goat cheese or Brandless’ Cranberry & Oat Crisps. For Valentine’s Day, you could use red and pink rose petals to fill in the gaps. Brandless’ Cinnamon Glazed Almonds would make a Christmas cheese board extra special. Add them on top of some nice springs of rosemary to make it look like a decorated Christmas wreath. For Cinco de Mayo, you could layer in some of Brandless’ Sweet Jalapeño Lentil Crisps made with high protein flour (lentil flour, corn flour, and pea flour).

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