Alex Mascioli: Businessman And Investor

Alex Mascioli is an entrepreneur who was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1975. Over the course of his long career Mascioli has been involved with both Saab Automobile and Spyker Cars. Throughout his lifetime, he has always had a passion for cars. Alex Mascioli currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut and serves as the chief executive officer of North Street Global Fund Services, LLC. He is also the managing director of the Street Capital.

North Street Global Fund Services, LLC
Alex Mascioli founded North Street Global Fund Services, LLC and now serves as the company’s CEO. North Street Global Fund Services was named after a street in Greenwich. North Street Global invests in both public equity and private equity. In 2013, North Street Global Fund Services, LLC began to operate as a subsidiary of North Street Group. North Street has remained privately owned since its founding.

Shortly after building North Street Global Fund Services, LLC, Alex Mascioli began investing in companies. Mascioli created a deal with Victor Muller, the chief executive officer and chairman of Saab Automobile, that would allow North Street Global Fund Services to purchase Spyker Cars. The deal was initiated since both Saab Automobile and Spyker Cars were struggling with each other for over $40 million in debt at the time. After the deal was agreed to by every party involved Alex Mascioli purchased numerous shares in Saab for $70 million. He subsequently issued a $60 million convertible note that was hedged using assets of Saab. The convertible note that Alex Mascioli issued would allow him to convert his bonds in Saab into shares of the company any time that he would have liked.

Based on several rumors in 2011 and an interview with Reuters a lot of speculation surfaced that Alex Mascioli was planning on acquiring 100% of Saab Automobile. His interview with Reuters clarified that though he was not going to acquire the manufacturer he did have the capability to do so. Saab filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and was later acquired in 2012 by a Chinese business.

Winnebago Industries Incorporated
Alex Mascioli made an offer to purchase Winnebago Industries Incorporated in 2012. Winnebago Industries is an Iowa-based motor home manufacturer that was founded in 1958. Prior to making his offer Mascioli valued Winnebago Industries at over $320 million. The deal was not completed however due to a lack of sufficient information and negotiation.

Hedge Solutions Incorporated
Alex Mascioli acquired Hedge Solutions Incorporated in 2014. The acquisition allowed North Street Group to expand its reach throughout the United States. Marino Partners LLP aided North Street Group in acquiring the Los Angeles-based hedge fund administrator.

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