Amit Kleinberger Touches The Human Heart

Amit Kleinberger is a defining figure in the modern economy. He dared to dream of more than just profits and efficient operations. Amit was able to fill a small part of the human void left by a digitally dependant economy. Visitors of his frozen yogurt venture, Menchie’s, have witnessed this first hand for years. Now, as CEO of MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company, Amit will bring a bit more joy to meal-time.

Why Consumer Experiences are Critical to Success
In a fair and capitalist economy, consumers are the end determinants of a product or service. At the core of consumer decisions is experience. While money and location is often the deciding factor, given the choice, humans will strive to better their experiences. This is why Amit Kleinberger succeeded at Menchies and now at MidiCi. He prioritizes experience.

Social Media and the Undeniable Impact of Word of Mouth Advertising
One of the first lessons that young marketers learn is about the unmatched power of word of mouth. Intimate personal exchanges about a product can negate even the most aggressive ad campaigns. Positive gossip can prop up new industries, break through established barriers, and garner needed resources. At Menchies, Amit Kleinberger provides more than just a consumer experience. He develop a pleasing environment that enables people from around the world to look forward to a break in their day and fill it with a joyous memory. It is this effort in humanity that is so sorely missed in today’s economy.

Philanthropic Efforts
Amit Kleinberger is more than a brilliant businessman. He is more than a dream facilitator. Amit is also a philanthropists. His cause of choice is lifting up local schools. Maybe Amit has remained a kid at heart. It is hard to image that he has not kept his inner child. After all, it is usually the children that cherish experiences. Adults, for whatever the reason, often become tempered and fall victim to overconcern of the logical side of the brain. Understandably, it is hard not to become statistically minded in a data-driven world, especially when living within meager means. The problem is that this type of focus can become counterproductive to succeeding financially. We need creativity in our lives. Amit understands this. Here again he shows his brilliance by closely supporting youth through local efforts that ensures they are afforded creative experiences.

Amit Kleinberger goes beyond social responsibility and touches the human heart. He creates and maintains a place where people can congregate and share meaningful experiences. Amit’s business are not merely locations, they are facilitative environment. They are reliable and capable of getting past momentary feelings. Consumers can count on a safe place that, if only for a moment, will make feeling a sense of joy a bit easier. From here, the day can grow like a mustard seed. A small, positive experience can be nurtured to support the rest of the day’s effort.

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