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In 2017, Steven Stolen became the CEO at the IndyHumane in Indianapolis, also known as The Humane Society of Indianapolis. This occurred when John Aleshire retired. Even though there were various promotions, management shifts and traded positions, IndyHumane kept its company operations basicly the same. Steven Stolen has a goal to bring more success to IndyHumane in the caring and treatment of the animals there.

Steven Stolen has had several different executive posts over many years of business experience. His background boasts a constant stream of success. Before Steven Stolen became the CEO of IndyHumane, he worked at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, the Indy Chamber and Rocketship Education. Even though he had prestigious jobs at those organizations, Mr. Stolen had worked as an independent consultant for a diverse number of institutions around the Indianapolis area at the same time.

Stolen is a strong supporter of animal rights so he was more than excited to became the CEO of IndyHumane. He is anxious to use his skills for a reason that is worthy to the community. Steven Stolen has an impressive business talent with his ability to perform fundraising and networking. He has shown these successful abilities while being responsible for several charity projects over many years. Mr. Stolen was the reason that IndyHumane in 2017 was able to achieve their goals in budgeting by attracting both new and old donors. Animal shelters have usually been known to suffer with a budget deficit, so Mr. Stolen was able to counteract that problem.

Steven Stolen raised the revenue at IndyHumane by more than $3 million after bringing their expenses to almost $2 million. His actions were able to bring many improvements for the animals, guests and staff members. By using his knowledge to improve the aid to the animals at IndyHumane, he worked to utilize welfare programs and financial achievements for that goal. Steven Stolen wanted to move on to other places in 2018, but he still had the talents to leave a positive footprint on the community and IndyHumane for his wonderful achievements.

With the help of Stolen, IndyHumane can continue to provide many services for animals that include foster care, adoptions, spaying or neutering, behavior training and medical treatment. They have the ability to rescue animals from abusive homes and environments and provide them with tender and loving care. It is considered to be one of the largest shelters today in the United States with the unselfish work of the volunteers and generous donations by many animal lovers.

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