Doug Naidus, A Champion For Small Business

Throughout his illustrious career, Doug Naidus’ dedication has been to serve the small business community to ensure that what he considers to be a vital sector of the nation’s economy is able to receive the working capital that it needs to succeed. A qualified loan officer or banker can help a small business owner understand working capital needs and give a clear view of how to smoothly operate today and be set up for long-term growth in the future.

Working capital is the money available to meet short-term current obligations. The formula is current assets minus current liabilities equals net working capital that is readily available to meet current expenses. If a business requires additional working capital to fund obligations to employees, suppliers, or the government while awaiting payments from customers., he or she can look to professional help whether to gear up for a busy season or to keep the business running when a slow time has less money coming in.

Born December 30, 1965, in Queens and raised in Huntington, New York, Doug Naidus later graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University. He lives in New Jersey with wife Tatiana and three children.

Doug Naidus has made a name for himself in his own finance career and is currently the founder and chief executive officer of World Business Lenders, LLC. (WBL), a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) company. Along the way, in 1988, he founded IPI Skyscraper in New York City, which became one of the United States’ largest mortgage brokers with home loans of $3 billion annually, 300 employees, and nine branch offices.

In 1999, he founded and was the chief executive officer of MortgageIT, a real estate investment trust which funded $33 billion in residential mortgage loans and was on the New York Stock Exchange from 2004 before it was acquired in 2007 by Deutsche Bank, where Naidus remained after the purchase.

At Deutsche Bank from 2007 to 2011, when he founded World Business Lenders, Doug Naidus was the Managing Director and Global Head of Residential Lending and Trading, where he expanded the bank’s presence in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Latin American countries.

Doug Naidus, in his free time, gives back to the international community by serving on the Board of Directors of the Dwight School Foundation. The New York City school educates students in Canada, England, and Korea.

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