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Milk Street offers a fresh approach to cooking. The company is headquartered out of Boston, and there is no shortage of tools available to help someone learn the ropes. If you are in Boston, attend a local class. If that is not convenient, they offer podcasts and a series of frequently asked questions. Watching and learning is a fun and easy way to master many cooking skills. Milk Street has a vast library of videos that cover beginner tips, kitchen gadgets, and recipes. For the foodie in your life, you can get them a virtual Milk Street magazine. This company uses technology to reach viewers, and each issue gives the recipient access to their online cooking classroom, special discounts that can be used in their store or on the website, and access to cooking instructors. The magazine can also be purchased as a hard copy and mailed out.

The topics that the cooks cover on the website is incredible. If you love adding onions to your dishes, you can watch a video on how to chop an onion properly. The clip is less than a minute, and you will probably use the information for the rest of your life. The trick to cutting onions is using the right knife, the sequence of the cuts, and uniformity. After you chop up the fragrance vegetable, it is time to learn how to cook it. Under the F&Q section, a Milk Street fan had problems caramelizing, but a Milk Street member took the time to cover the entire topic. She discussed the pan and heat settings, along with things not to do.

If you are looking for a little entertainment and enjoy reading, check out Milk Street’s blog posts. They cover informative and fun topics. In a recent story, a writer highlighted 90-year-old Italian women and the types of pasta they make by hand. Readers learned about the villages they grew up in, and then we were treated to videos on how to create the plates of pasta. The post is lively. I am sure it made a lot of weekend cooks attempt to roll out their own ravioli.

Of course, recipes are abundant on all of Milk Street’s platforms. Do you need help with busy weeknight dinners? Check out the team’s Tuesday Night collection of videos. These demonstrate quick and tasty meals that you can prepare in a flash after a long day at work. If you are in the mood for something Mexican, try the chili Verde taco dish. The trick to making the recipe quick is to use left-over turkey, chicken, or a store rotisserie bird. The spices come out of a can, and together they form a flavorful favorite.

Milk Street can take your cooking skills to the next level. They offer on-demand cooking courses that cover new subjects. If you want to learn the art of spicing foods, there is a 6 part series you can watch from the convenience of your own home. After the lessons, you will know how to prepare spices, make your own blends, and the instructors work with you on a dozen practice dishes.

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