The Success Of Telebrands Has Been Built On Successfully Putting Forward Good Product Ideas

The Telebrands company was first launched in 1983. It is the creation of founder A.J. Khubani. He has built a company that has become iconic in the world of infomercials. The business model of Telebrands can be described as direct response marketing and the firn is well-known as the originator of the phrase As Seen On TV. A.J. Khubani founded Telebrands out of Roanoke, Virginia but the operation is currently based out of the New Jersey municipality of Fairfield. The firm has experienced tremendous successes since its 1983 inception and that success includes the sale of hundreds of millions of products.

Steady Growth Through The Early Years Of Operation

The early years of the Telebrands business model were characterized by a steady path of growth. The product known as Ambervision Sunglasses served as a major point of success in these early years of business at the firm. This was the first product that was advertised across television by Telebrands and the impact was impressive as the product’s sales were substantial. This product represented the first product to bring in more than $1 million to the Telebrands business model. This was truly the start of something that has gone on to be a story of business success.

A History of Award-Winning Success

The dedicated success of the Telebrands team has garnered many impressive industry awards across the course of the organization’s thirty-plus year history of operation. The firm is renowned for its creation of countless marketing campaigns that have brought real results to the brands that have been represented. The firm’s infomercials have been the subject of much renowned over the years and this is evident in the many different honors that have come been presented. A few of the awards brought home by the Telebrands team in the past decade include the 2011 Small Business Leadership Award, the 2012 Best Short Form of the Year Award, and the 2013 Garden State Entrepreneur Excellence Award. These awards represent the tireless dedication that Telebrands puts into its business and its products.

A Business Model That Thrives On Empowering Investors

Telebrands is a company that thrives on helping investors to realize the potential of their products. This is exemplified by the monthly Investors Day that is held by the firm. This day presents investors with the opportunity to come and show off their product ideas to get signed to the company for development. The Telebrands website also offers an opportunity for investors to submit their ideas for products directly to the company through an online portal.

It Is All About the Products

When all is said and done, it is all about the products at Telebrands. The unique offering of products that are promoted by the firm and the organization’s unique ability to market them through infomercials has been the primary reason that success has been achieved. These products cover a wide range of categories and have become some of the most iconic infomercial spots in the history of marketing.

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