Does Hair Dye Cause Cancer?

Last week, Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant was in the headlines for something else besides her artwork and her relationship with actor Keanu Reeves. When Grant went public with her relationship on... Read more »

American Cancer Society New Guidelines For Colon And Rectal Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society has set new guidelines for when men should be screened for colon and rectal cancer. Previously, it was believed that men should begin getting screened as early as... Read more »

Personalized Vaccines To Be Used Against Deadliest Forms Of Cancer

Clinical trials are now underway throughout the United States to test the efficiency of new and powerful vaccines that are intended to prevent and treat the deadliest forms of cancer. The trials... Read more »
Dr. David Samadi Explores Foods that Preserve Prostate Health

Dr. David Samadi Explores Foods that Preserve Prostate Health

Dr. David Samadi focuses his medical career on the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer. He stresses the importance of early detection. Statistics show that 90 percent of patients with an early... Read more »
Jason Hope Supports Anti Aging Medical Research

Jason Hope Continues to Support Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Rejuvenation Biotechnologies are promising to give us what a lot of people hope to have one day: eternal youth. The SENS Foundation has been working on this issue for several years, and... Read more »
Oncotarget has done huge amounts of researching the field of cancer, aging, and cell biology.

Advances in Cancer Research: Oncotarget’s Path to Progress

An immense, multifaceted field, cancer research takes a variety of forms and is performed by countless researchers representing a plethora of scientists in both the medical and social sciences, working in such... Read more »
Treatment of Cancer

Courageous Careers: Joining the War on Cancer

  Fighting the war on cancer demands advanced education, practical experience, and unwavering determination. The exciting world of cancer treatment boasts a cornucopia of opportunities to fit your personal strengths and preferences... Read more »
Dr David Samadi Cancer Signs for Men

Dr. David Samadi Fights Common Cancers Impacting Men Today

Did you know that more than 100,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year? According to the National Cancer Institute, this form of cancer was expected to account for approximately 10... Read more »