Teen in Respiratory Distress After Using E-cigarettes

Vaping has become popular in the US as a recreational activity and smoking cessation device. Available in many flavors, e-cigarettes often contain unknown additives, including nicotine. They work by heating liquid to... Read more »

A Flesh Eating Bacteria Takes The Life Of An Indianapolis Woman

An Indianapolis woman has passed away after a vacation left her infected by a flesh eating bacteria. Her family does not believe the correct treatment was provided by the local hospital. Richard... Read more »

E. Coli Outbreak Now In !6 States-CDC Warns Americans About Romaine Lettuce

There has been increasing alarm because of a recent outbreak of E. Coli in Romaine lettuce from Arizona. What started out as a fairly contained outbreak on the east coast has now... Read more »

Gene Affecting Belly Fat Increases Diabetes Risk

The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly one in ten Americans are presently diabetic. This total amounts to more than 30 million people. Risk factors that have been known to increase... Read more »
Paul Mampilly precsicion medicine stocks

Paul Mampilly is Betting on Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly has given his readers his next pick in his newsletter Profits Unlimited. This is the newsletter in which he makes suggestions to his readers about the stocks that he believes... Read more »

This Flu Season Has Been Costly On Many Levels

The current flu season has been a record breaker and unfortunately not on a positive note. Influenza outbreaks began early this flu season and have maintained a rapid growth of hospitalization rates... Read more »

The Rare Lassa Fever Has Broken Out In Nigeria

Cases of a rare viral hemorrhagic disease called Lassa fever have been drastically increasing in Nigeria. This disease kills between twenty and thirty percent of those infected and has no treatment or... Read more »

A Risk Worth Taking

As the chief government affairs officer of a national financial services trade association, I see Washington DC politics – warts and all – from the window of an office overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue,... Read more »

Deadly Flu of 2018

It is currently February 17th 2018 and this flu season has been one of the worst to say the least. There have been a considerable amount of deaths in the both Children... Read more »

Herpes Prevalence is on the Decline

Since we ushered the new millennium, researchers have noted the decrease in the prevalence of both oral HSV-1, and genital herpes HSV-2 simplex virus. However, about half of Americans in their prime... Read more »