This Year the Flu Season Has Already Outpaced Previous Years

Health experts are warning that this year will soon be ranked as the worst flu season in almost a decade, with the highest rate of emergency room patients being admitted for the... Read more »

An Alarming Flu Season

Flu season is never a welcome thing for people. This current one, however, genuinely takes the cake. It actually has the distinction of being the most severe one in close to 10... Read more »

Flu Epidemic Takes Life Of Six Year Old

It now appears that we are in the middle of the worst flu epidemic in years. There have been at least 30 children who have died of the flu virus and we... Read more »

Death Toll From The Flu Concerns Health Officials

California is the nation’s most populous state. What happens in the state is often an indicator what is happening in the rest of the country. Right now, health officials are worried about... Read more »

Getting Ready For A Flu Epidemic

The Centers for Disease Control and other health experts are warning about a health concern that will likely impact hundreds, if not thousands, of people. This concern could threaten more people in... Read more »

Flu Slams U.S.

Flu season is barely upon us but if early signs are any indication we are in for a historical one. For the first time in 13 years, flu symptoms are being simultaneously... Read more »
Life Line Screening, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

How Life Line Screening Can Help Determine Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Cardiovascular disease remains a huge problem throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that over 600,000 Americans die each year from complications of cardiovascular disease in all its forms. It... Read more »

California Experiencing Medicine Shortages Due to Rise in Flu Cases

Flu activity is on the rise in California and pharmacies experience medication shortages. Emergency rooms are full and the death toll is on the rise. Health officials register 27 deaths of people... Read more »
Strands of DNA - Scott Rocklage Is Leading the Way to a Cure

Scott Rocklage Is Leading the Way to a Cure

Expansion Therapeutics has been busy raising Series A financing for the purpose of fighting the genetic disorders in its portfolio. Included in these disorders is myotonic dystrophy type I. Myotonic dystrophy type... Read more »

Indiana Hospitals Working to Contain the Spread of Influenza

Now that flu season is in full swing across the country, health officials in multiple states are doing what they can to contain the sickness. Hospital officials in Indiana have gone so... Read more »