A Risk Worth Taking

As the chief government affairs officer of a national financial services trade association, I see Washington DC politics – warts and all – from the window of an office overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue,... Read more »

Deadly Flu of 2018

It is currently February 17th 2018 and this flu season has been one of the worst to say the least. There have been a considerable amount of deaths in the both Children... Read more »

Herpes Prevalence is on the Decline

Since we ushered the new millennium, researchers have noted the decrease in the prevalence of both oral HSV-1, and genital herpes HSV-2 simplex virus. However, about half of Americans in their prime... Read more »

Moderate Red Wine Consumption Can Reduce Dementia Risk

A recent study out of the University of Rochester Medical Center proves a little bit of red wine each week could do wonders for cognitive health. Amazingly, doctors involved in this research... Read more »

One Boy Dies, Another Seriously Ill As The 2017-2018 Flu Season Hits Children Hard

The flu outbreak of this 2017-2018 winter has been particularly harsh across the country and has hit young people and children quite hard. Presently, 37 children have died from the flu. The... Read more »

This Year the Flu Season Has Already Outpaced Previous Years

Health experts are warning that this year will soon be ranked as the worst flu season in almost a decade, with the highest rate of emergency room patients being admitted for the... Read more »

An Alarming Flu Season

Flu season is never a welcome thing for people. This current one, however, genuinely takes the cake. It actually has the distinction of being the most severe one in close to 10... Read more »

Flu Epidemic Takes Life Of Six Year Old

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Death Toll From The Flu Concerns Health Officials

California is the nation’s most populous state. What happens in the state is often an indicator what is happening in the rest of the country. Right now, health officials are worried about... Read more »

Getting Ready For A Flu Epidemic

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