Dr. Johanan Rand Finds Treatment to Help End Aging

The End of Aging with Dr. Dov Rand

  Dr. Dov Rand is a rehabilitation and physical medicine specialist and co-founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He co-founded this facility in 2010, and his company now has five locations spread... Read more »

Is Body Positivity Bad for You?

A recent column in The New York Times calls into question the growing popularity of body acceptance movements. These campaigns seek to normalize obesity and provide overweight individuals with more confidence by... Read more »

Staying Fit in the Wintertime

Brutal wintertime temperatures often encourage people to dodge exercise sessions and hide inside. People should never use temperature as an excuse to not stay physically fit, however. If you’re planning on exercising... Read more »

Helpful Travel Exercise Options

Travel and Exercise Requirements It can seem difficult to prioritize physical fitness during travel. Travel makes people feel exhausted. Time zone changes can throw people and their schedules off, too. If you... Read more »

Health Matters of All Kinds

People often have somewhat interesting thoughts that involve the state of their health. That’s totally natural, too. People all want to be fit as a fiddle. Health troubles can be alarming and... Read more »

Five Health Goals for People to Embrace in 2018

The New Year is here, and people are making all sorts of resolutions. Some will keep their commitments others will not. If you haven’t made any resolutions of your own, you should... Read more »
Market America Vitamins

Market America Products Keep Your Family Healthy

Market America has long prided itself on being a highly inclusive community. From encouraging diversity to inviting children to major events, Market America is a true business of people. At the 25th... Read more »

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

There are five basic needs that are essential for human survival: water, shelter, air, food, and sleep. As humans, it is our instinct to sleep each night, this is how we recharge... Read more »

Children In Virginia Are About To Lose Their Healthcare If Congress Fails To Renew The CHIP Program

Virginia state officials have issued warnings to families the CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program is almost out of money. Several states have lost funding because the program has not been renewed... Read more »

An Unintended Effect Of NAFTA Is Rising Obesity In Mexico

NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement is being blamed as one of the reasons why Mexico is now suffering from an epidemic of obesity. Here are some statistics that prove... Read more »