Chamonix and Genucel Products Enhanced with Facial Exercises

It may still seem a bit out of the ordinary but facial exercises are beginning to hit the mainstream of the health conscious world. Classes and seminars, specifically devoted to facial exercise,... Read more »
Renew Youth

Renew Youth Explains: Why Balanced Hormones are Vital for Sex After Menopause

Renew Youth’s hormone treatments improve desire, lubrication, and orgasm after menopause. Sex after menopause. It doesn’t get talked about often. And yet, contrary to what some people may think, women do continue... Read more »
Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

We have all heard how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. We’ve probably read that the earth is 70 percent water; coincidentally or not, our bodies are 60-70 percent water,... Read more »

Step Counters Carve Their Own Way To Wellness

There’s a wellness craze going on and it has nothing to do with medical research. The 10,000 steps A day road to wellness started in 1965. A Japanese professor of health science... Read more »

Dr. Tim Ioannides Explains How Vitamin D Can Help Calm Skin Conditions

While skin conditions might seem to be superficial issues to some people, when you suffer from one, you realize they aren’t to be taken lightly. If there is a problem, it can... Read more »

How the Medical Sector has Adapted to an Online Platform

The medical sector, just like any other industry is today runs online. Medical Shipment LLC is one of the top medical equipment suppliers that is leading the way for most of the... Read more »

FDA Recalls Bauer’s Candies

It is an important job of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to provide inspections and alert consumers of potential health risks from food or medicine that is sold for consumption. Due... Read more »

Being In Tune With Your Circadian Rhythm Can Improve Your Health And Productivity

German scientists did a study of factory workers at a ThyssenKrupp steel plant several years ago that looked at the effects of matching circadian rhythms with work hours. They gave morning shifts... Read more »

Nightmares And Your Health

A nightmare is a defined as a frightening or unpleasant dream. Fear is the main emotion that a person may experience during a nightmare. A person may also experience guilt, disgust, anger,... Read more »

You Are More Likely Have A Heart Attack On Christmas Eve

The holidays are supposed to a happy time. However, a new study has shown that people are most likely to have a heart attack on Christmas Eve. David Erling is a cardiologist... Read more »