Being In Tune With Your Circadian Rhythm Can Improve Your Health And Productivity

German scientists did a study of factory workers at a ThyssenKrupp steel plant several years ago that looked at the effects of matching circadian rhythms with work hours. They gave morning shifts... Read more »

Nightmares And Your Health

A nightmare is a defined as a frightening or unpleasant dream. Fear is the main emotion that a person may experience during a nightmare. A person may also experience guilt, disgust, anger,... Read more »

You Are More Likely Have A Heart Attack On Christmas Eve

The holidays are supposed to a happy time. However, a new study has shown that people are most likely to have a heart attack on Christmas Eve. David Erling is a cardiologist... Read more »

In Many Ways The Muscles Of Active Septuagenarians Are Indistinguishable From Healthy 25-year-Old Muscles, According To A Recent Ball State Study

If you were around when James Fix published “The Complete Book of Running” in the 1970s, you probably got hooked on running. And you probably stayed with that sport as you aged.... Read more »
Erectile Dysfunction Finds its Match with Dr. Dov Rand

Innovative Erectile Dysfunction Treatments offered by Dr. Dov Rand

Sexual health is a huge contributor to quality of life for people of all ages. Studies have shown time and again that we are happier and healthier when we are able to... Read more »
International Rescue Committee

Luminaries Including Diane von Furstenberg and Jacob Gottlieb Attend International Rescue Committee Dinner

In an impressive show of concern and support for improving the conditions facing refugees in all parts of the world, over 800 renowned luminaries representing the corporate, philanthropic, diplomatic, and entertainment communities... Read more »
The Makings of an Effective Nutrition Regimen with Insights from Jeunesse

The Makings of an Effective Nutrition Regimen with Insights from Jeunesse

Fad diets? Do this instead. Everywhere we look, a new trend or fad is telling us to eat this or eat that. We all understand nutrition is the cornerstone of good health,... Read more »

How Genucel’s Anti-Aging Technologies Are Winning The Day (UPDATED)

For centuries, emperors, kings, nobles and fortune-seekers alike have been on pursuits to find the proverbial “Fountain of youth”. Many spent their entire life’s fortune in that endeavor, and many more have... Read more »

Alcohol and Caffeine Can Be A Dangerous Combination, Experts Say

For many years, it has been widely assumed that drinking coffee after consuming large amounts of alcohol will help to speed up the process of eliminating the alcohol’s intoxicating effects. A current... Read more »

Appendectomies May Become a Thing of the Past

For decades, surgeons have commonly treated acute appendicitis by removing the inflamed organ. However, research performed by a group of scientists from Finland tested the theory of prescribing antibiotics to patients demonstrating... Read more »