Medical Residents And Students Are Not Receiving Proper Electronic Health Records Training

Medical students are not using electronic health records effectively because their system training is insufficient during their formal education. Delegates from the American Medical Association met for their yearly meeting and created... Read more »

Depression in Men Affects Pregnancy in Infertile Couples

Infertility and depression have a symbiotic relationship. Although you may not be surprised by the fact that infertility might contribute to depression, you are probably aware of the fact that depression causes... Read more »

New Research Suggests Specific Blend Of Probiotics Could Increase Longevity

According to a new Montréal study examining the lives of fruit flies, a daily dose of probiotics could have a positive impact on aging and longevity. Researchers at McGill University first created... Read more »

Report: Donald Trump’s abortion policy on U.S. global health funding.

A report issued on Tuesday by the Centre for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) has claimed that Donald Trump’s policy on foreign aid is significantly disrupting medical assistance in local communities. In... Read more »

Obese women are no longer safe

Obesity is regarded to be the most common medical condition, especially among US women. It entails accumulation of body fat around the stomach and feet areas. Obesity poses a health hazard as... Read more »

Ebola Death Claims Another Life In Congo

One new Ebola death in Congo has now brought the total to twelve confirmed deaths, according to the local health ministry. In their most recent statement Sunday, this death occurred in a... Read more »
How to Trick Yourself into Hydrating with Waiakea Water

How to Trick Yourself into Hydrating with Waiakea Water

In a world full of sodas, cocktails, fruit juices, sparkling beverages, and so on, it is very easy to forget that we need to instinctively and actively rehydrate our bodies properly. Of... Read more »

FDA Wants Teething Products Made with Benzocaine Pulled from the Market

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned parents not to use the common over-the-counter products that contain benzocaine agent for teething purposes. The benzocaine may pose serious health risks to infants... Read more »

Healthcare Costs Climbing

The cost of the government provided health care has reached a massive amount. This is primarily for United States citizens under the age of 65 with the need for healthcare as well... Read more »

Contaminated Synthetic Cannabinoids Are Causing Severe Bleeding

Contaminated synthetic cannabinoids have recently caused cases of severe bleeding. Many of these patients have been treated in Peoria, Illinois at the Unity Point Clinic. The Illinois Department of Public Health stated... Read more »