Study Identifies Genetic Mutation That May Play A Role In Sudden Infant Deaths

A collaborative effort on the part of researchers in both the United States and the United Kingdom seems to suggest that a genetic mutation may be a factor in sudden infant death... Read more »

Hackensack Meridian Health Plans to Partner with Carrier Clinic

Carrier Clinic of Montgomery Township, New Jersey and Hackensack Meridian Health are considering a partnership to deliver better and easily accessible behavioral health services to the region. The state of New Jersey... Read more »

The Opioid Crisis Is Causing Drug Shortages In Hospitals Leading To Errors

American communities have been flooded with opioids causing a widespread addiction. This has created a shortage of painkillers required by hospitals to treat patients in a lot of pain. Numerous surgical centers... Read more »
Dr Rod Rohrich

Rod Rohrich, MD, Among Lecturing Faculty at the World’s Most Prestigious Rhinoplasty Conference

Dallas-based plastic surgeon and Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Rodney J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, is among the best plastic surgeons in America and an internationally-renown expert in his... Read more »

Blockchain Healthcare Management Startup Iryo Implements New Medical Record Keeping Technology

Blockchain technology continues to have new implementations investigated by various organizations around the world. One such new application being considered in the world of healthcare was recently announced when the new blockchain... Read more »

The Class Action Lawsuit Due To The Low Quality Medical Care Prisoners Received At Angola Prison

A class action lawsuit has been launched for the inmates at the Angola prison in Louisiana due to Francis Brauner. The suit states the medical care caused needless suffering and pain. According... Read more »

Child Overdoses Of Opiod Related Drugs On The Rise

Everyone has heard that Opioid addiction in the last decade is at unprecedented epidemic levels in America. But few people have talked about the staggering effect on children and teens who get... Read more »

Surveys Indicate That Trump Healthcare Will Inflate Premiums

Healthcare premiums are expected to go to the roof, and fewer Americans will afford it. All this is as a result of the latest moves and decisions taken by President Donald Trump... Read more »

New Blood Test could Diagnose Autism in Children

A group of doctors at the University of Warwick claims to have discovered a link between autism and damage to proteins in the blood plasma. The same group then developed both a... Read more »
Humanitarian Dr. Mark Holterman Leads In Change

Dr. Mark Holterman Expands Humanitarian Interests with IPSAC-VN

Dr. Mark Holterman is a practicing doctor, a tenured faculty member, and a successful businessman. With so much on his plate, some people might expect Holterman to slow down. Holterman, on the... Read more »