A Look At The Comprehensive Health Care Provided By Virtua Medical Group

Virtua Medical Group is a nonprofit network of hospitals, surgery centers, doctor practices, and other health-related facilities. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Marlton, New Jersey. It is the... Read more »

Elitra Health Takes New Approach To Preventative Care

Not everyone in America can afford to have the same quality healthcare that everyone else has. It can also greatly differ depending on the state you live in. Because of the high... Read more »

Cardinal Innovations Continues To Expand On Managed Healthcare Plans In The United States

More than a decade ago, Cardinal Innovations developed a new managed care plan that has gone on to help people all over North Carolina with complex needs. Managed care opens up access... Read more »

The Virtua Medical Group’s Exceptional Service Delivery

The Virtua Medical Group has emerged as one of the top networks of medical and surgical physicians in the country. The New Jersey-based organization brings together physicians, doctors, and nurses from different... Read more »

Cardinal Innovations Offers A Complete Approach To Mental Care

Cardinal Innovations offers mental health support for individuals and also for the families and caregivers that surround them. It is healthcare based on specific disorders, and Cardinal Innovations has developed the staff,... Read more »
Virtua Medical Group's philosophy

The Virtua Medical Group’s Philosophy of Patient Care

The Virtua Medical Group is comprised of a network of medical and surgical physicians. The medical group observes rigorous standards of patient care and targets availing basic and advanced medical services to... Read more »
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Working the Angles: InnovaCare in Helping Puerto Rico Overcome Healthcare Burdens

A crisis continues to unfold in Puerto Rico long after the landfall of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. While Puerto Ricans and a host of relief workers strive to restore power and revamp dilapidated... Read more »