Virtua Medical Group's philosophy

The Virtua Medical Group’s Philosophy of Patient Care

The Virtua Medical Group is comprised of a network of medical and surgical physicians. The medical group observes rigorous standards of patient care and targets availing basic and advanced medical services to... Read more »
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Renew Youth Explains: Why Balanced Hormones are Vital for Sex After Menopause

Renew Youth’s hormone treatments improve desire, lubrication, and orgasm after menopause. Sex after menopause. It doesn’t get talked about often. And yet, contrary to what some people may think, women do continue... Read more »

Working the Angles: InnovaCare in Helping Puerto Rico Overcome Healthcare Burdens

A crisis continues to unfold in Puerto Rico long after the landfall of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. While Puerto Ricans and a host of relief workers strive to restore power and revamp dilapidated... Read more »