Jason Hope Supports Anti Aging Medical Research

Jason Hope Continues to Support Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Rejuvenation Biotechnologies are promising to give us what a lot of people hope to have one day: eternal youth. The SENS Foundation has been working on this issue for several years, and... Read more »

Probiotics Can Help Atopic Dermatitis Patients, New Study Suggests

A new study out of Spain suggests daily probiotic supplementation could help reduce symptoms of the skin disorder atopic dermatitis (AD). Amazingly, researchers believe probiotics might be just as effective at managing... Read more »

Can Grape Extracts Treat Depression?

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC performed a study on chronically stressed mice. An article on the website, MedicalNewsToday, Feb. 5, 2018 explained the derivative they... Read more »

Hookworm is a Major Problem for Travelers

People traveling from the United States to a foreign country may have to worry about getting certain vaccinations depending on which country they intend to visit. Travelers know that in some countries... Read more »

Studies Gather Health Outcomes For Early Retirement

In recent years studies have been done to compare health advantages and longevity to retiring early. The results depend on the stress levels of the retiree’s prior job, the activities the retiree... Read more »

Longer Lasting Flu Vaccine Under Development

For many people today, getting an annual flu shot during the fall is part of their personal routine. Annual flu shots will not prevent everyone from getting influenza. However, they can help... Read more »

“Pregnancy Brain” is Real and it Lasts Much Longer Than Just Nine Months

It has long been rumored that pregnant women experience a phenomenon commonly referred to as “pregnancy brain”. Symptoms include mental fogginess, forgetfulness, and short attention spans. The problem is so common it... Read more »

Some Antibiotics Can Be Dangerous For Pregnant Women To Use

Pregnant women often experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms during their first trimester. One of the most common conditions that women experience early in pregnancy is urinary tract infections. This condition affects... Read more »
Strands of DNA - Scott Rocklage Is Leading the Way to a Cure

Scott Rocklage Is Leading the Way to a Cure

Expansion Therapeutics has been busy raising Series A financing for the purpose of fighting the genetic disorders in its portfolio. Included in these disorders is myotonic dystrophy type I. Myotonic dystrophy type... Read more »

Your Partner’s Scent May Reduce Your Stress

The University of British Columbia recently conducted a study which may reveal the reason women enjoy sleeping in their man’s shirt (or even why some men like to smell their girlfriend’s under... Read more »