Study Finds Physical Activity Reduces Risks of Hereditary Heart Disease

We know that exercise is good for the heart, but new research findings suggest that heart health may even be improved through exercise, where there’s a genetic predisposition for cardiovascular disease. In... Read more »
Neuroscientist, Jorge Moll's, Advanced Research Reveals Medical Innovation

An Advanced Neuroscience Study, by Jorge Moll, Explores the Relationship Between Well-Being and Affective Relationships

The specialist explained that we have a pre-programmed biological system that gives us more physiological pleasure when we donate to others rather than we receive something. In our present society, depression is... Read more »

New Study Amplifies The Need To Stay Active To Prevent Heart Disease

People who have a genetic disposition towards Heart Disease have new reasons to feel better about their prospects of containing the potential for a heart attack. According to new research, people with... Read more »

Tingling Of Hands And Feet Could Result From Many Causes

Often times when a person sits for long periods of time, they will feel the uneasy tingling in their feet. When they stand, and shake their feet a few times, the tingling... Read more »

Slowing the Spread of Antibiotic Resistant Infections

The CDC’s new quick action approach could slow the spread of drug resistant pathogens, say CDC researchers in their report, Vital Signs, published Tuesday. Enterobacteriaceae, discovered in 1988 and evolving by 2001,... Read more »

Dining out Could Hurt Your Health

Many people want to improve their health. Some people struggle with various health conditions. Other people want to lose a few pounds. A new study shows that dining out several times per... Read more »
Dr Rod Rohrich

Rod Rohrich, MD, Among Lecturing Faculty at the World’s Most Prestigious Rhinoplasty Conference

Dallas-based plastic surgeon and Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Rodney J. Rohrich, MD, FACS, is among the best plastic surgeons in America and an internationally-renown expert in his... Read more »

Dementia Could Be Determined Through Blood Test

Through their Newsweek on Google, which was written on March 11,2018 the following medical news has been placed there. It is about dementia, which is an increased cognitive decline , and thus... Read more »

Child Opioid overdoses have nearly doubled in 10 years

A study that was published on Monday lays out the fact that the Opioid crisis in America is very real. Even more disturbing, it’s affecting our children more than we likely knew.... Read more »

The Upsides and Downs of Wine Drinking

Throughout history, wine has been a favorite dinner drink for many. It’s a flavor that some people just can’t do without, especially when it’s time to unwind and bust out that nightcap... Read more »