An Upcoming Feature By Apple Will Enable Users Access To Their Medical Records

There is a good probability health records will be available on Apple smartphones. There was a case where a physician changed his patients blood pressure medication. The problem was the man had... Read more »

Precision Medicine

No two sick people are exactly alike, even when they have similar and matching symptoms. For instance, two people with influenza at the same time don’t necessarily have the exact same symptoms... Read more »
Life Line Screening, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

How Life Line Screening Can Help Determine Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Cardiovascular disease remains a huge problem throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that over 600,000 Americans die each year from complications of cardiovascular disease in all its forms. It... Read more »

New Brain Images Reveal How Alzheimer’s Spreads In The Brain

Thanks to recent innovations in brain imaging technology, scientists at the University of Cambridge believe they’ve discovered how Alzheimer’s spreads throughout a patient’s brain. Researchers hope these new images will help people... Read more »

With Advance Medical, Employers Can Invest More in their Employees

It can be observed from a number of successful companies that they all have something in common. They take care of their employees well. It is a given fact that when your... Read more »

Why Is Health & Medical Becoming Important

Today, more people are concerned about the way the look, are opting for body modifications, relying on medicine, and attempting to use medicine to live longer. Body modification is extremely popular and... Read more »

Video Gaming Will Join the List of Mental Disorders In 2018

Reports indicate that in 2018, The World Health Organization will include video gaming to the list of mental disorders. The abnormality will be dubbed “gaming disorder” and added to the International Classification... Read more »
Eric Lefkofsky

Extending the Eric Lefkofsky Legacy: A Passionate Philanthropist Rising for the Rest

It’s no surprise that entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is investing in Rise of the Rest, a new organization that’s aiming to be a force for economic development.     Rise of the Rest... Read more »

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus: Precision Medicine Advancing Cancer Care Data

The number of US cancer survivors is on a rapid incline, and a large proportion of those diagnosed with incident cancer have survived a prior cancer, according to a recent study in... Read more »