Erectile Dysfunction Finds its Match with Dr. Dov Rand

Innovative Erectile Dysfunction Treatments offered by Dr. Dov Rand

Sexual health is a huge contributor to quality of life for people of all ages. Studies have shown time and again that we are happier and healthier when we are able to... Read more »
paul mampilly electronic pills

Blockchain Reaction: Paul Mampilly Envisions a Daring Future for Medicine

You’ve probably heard a lot about blockchain recently. This system of digital record-keeping, which has been around since 2008, lets people keep track of large numbers of transactions and make chronological entries... Read more »
Drew Madden IT health tech

Drew Madden on Why Healthcare Desperately Needs to Meet IT to Advance EMRs

Drew Madden is a healthcare information technology entrepreneur whose experience with healthcare technology revolves around electronic medical records (EMR) as a means to advance patient care and treatment paradigms. Based in Madison,... Read more »

The VA Launches A New System To Enable Patients To Retrieve Their Medical Data At Home

A new system has been launched by the VA enabling patients to have access to their medical images and health data. The system was designed to provide a larger claim for patients... Read more »
Neuroscientist, Jorge Moll's, Advanced Research Reveals Medical Innovation

An Advanced Neuroscience Study, by Jorge Moll, Explores the Relationship Between Well-Being and Affective Relationships

The specialist explained that we have a pre-programmed biological system that gives us more physiological pleasure when we donate to others rather than we receive something. In our present society, depression is... Read more »

CVS Is Entering The World Of Medical Devices

CVS is entering the medical device market. According to CNBC, the company is planning on making a device to be used for dialysis at home. CVS additionally plans to gain the approval... Read more »

Apple Makes Medical Records More Easily Available With A New App

The systems at two hospitals in Chicago will soon enable the records of their patients to be carried on their iPhones. The University of Chicago Medicine and Rush University Medical Center are... Read more »

An Upcoming Feature By Apple Will Enable Users Access To Their Medical Records

There is a good probability health records will be available on Apple smartphones. There was a case where a physician changed his patients blood pressure medication. The problem was the man had... Read more »

Precision Medicine

No two sick people are exactly alike, even when they have similar and matching symptoms. For instance, two people with influenza at the same time don’t necessarily have the exact same symptoms... Read more »
Life Line Screening, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

How Life Line Screening Can Help Determine Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Cardiovascular disease remains a huge problem throughout the United States. In fact, it is estimated that over 600,000 Americans die each year from complications of cardiovascular disease in all its forms. It... Read more »