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Talkspace Reviews: Assessing How to Build Your Support System

Life can be challenging and overwhelming at times, filled with unexpected surprises, both good and bad. When individuals are confronted with these life events, it is crucial that they have a solid... Read more »

Talkspace Highlights How To Overcome Defense Mechanisms to Better Your Life

The concept of defense mechanisms was originally introduced by Sigmund Freud in 1896, which he identified as ego defenses. Freud identified that in order for individuals to deal with conflict and problems... Read more »

Mental health services: There are options

This week the fashion industry lost an inspirational designer and style icon with the suicide of Kate Spade. In 2014 Hollywood lost one of the most talented actors to suicide, Robin Williams.... Read more »

Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Mental Health Awareness Week Spotlight

Licensed Therapist Roseann Bennett Offers Quicks Tips to Keeping Your Mental Health In-Check Every day, headlines in news agencies highlight how much of an issue mental health remains in today’s world. Whether... Read more »
Clinical Depression

A Case Study in TMS Therapy for Clinical Depression

Betsy has lived with clinical depression most of her life, diagnosed in her late 20s. But looking back, she knows her depressive disorder began much earlier than that. Fast forward nearly 30 years. Betsy has been treated by... Read more »