Jason Hope Supports Anti Aging Medical Research

Jason Hope Continues to Support Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Rejuvenation Biotechnologies are promising to give us what a lot of people hope to have one day: eternal youth. The SENS Foundation has been working on this issue for several years, and... Read more »
Oncotarget has done huge amounts of researching the field of cancer, aging, and cell biology.

Advances in Cancer Research: Oncotarget’s Path to Progress

An immense, multifaceted field, cancer research takes a variety of forms and is performed by countless researchers representing a plethora of scientists in both the medical and social sciences, working in such... Read more »

Finding Relief from Inflammation with Heal-n-Soothe

Muscle aches, arthritic joints and musculoskeletal discomfort can make daily activities unpleasant, and traditional medicines often create side effects that make matters worse. Natural ingredients provide a way to treat pain without... Read more »

Doctors Might be Soon Prescribing E-Cigarettes in the UK

Starting smoking cigarettes is an easy habit to start, often people begin smoking during their late teens or early 20’s and continue to do so into full-on adulthood. The hard part comes... Read more »

Coffee May Soon Come With a Cancer Warning

A cup of coffee in the morning is a staple for many people, but new information shows that it may not be as healthy as was once thought. Coffee has long been... Read more »

Life Expectancy Gains Slowing

Life expectancy in the United States increased by 9.7 years in the 1950s. The low life expectancy countries across the world also showed life expectancy gains in the 1950s. Today, according to... Read more »
Dr. Mark Mckenna OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME Will Change The Medical Aesthetics Experience

OVME is changing how high quality, minimally invasive cosmetic services are delivered. Through high-end retail environments and a mobile platform, Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME takes the medical aesthetics experience to a whole... Read more »

US Consumer Healthcare Spending Up Says Report

A new study suggests that healthcare spending is on the rise in the US. However, increased usage of services is not to blame for the hike. On the contrary, the higher expenditures... Read more »

Kicked Out Into Freezing Temperatures Nearly Naked When A Good Samaritan Stepped In

There is something happening in hospitals across the nation that most people are not aware of, it is called “patient dumping”. Unfortunately, the reality is the term is exactly what it sounds... Read more »

Experts Propose Tax on Junk Foods

The concept of a junk food tax is being promoted by a group of experts who are interested in weaning Americans away from unhealthy products. The idea has been proposed by a... Read more »