Brave Indigenous Residents Of Northern Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest Shot In Their Efforts To Prevent Illicit Loggers From Claiming Their Long-Inhabited Tribal Lands

South America is home to the world’s largest span of rainforest, which is none other than the Amazon rainforest, which is supported directly by the Amazon River, the largest river on planet... Read more »

Rural Hospitals Find Creative Ways To Recruit Doctors

In the more rural parts of the United States, there is a healthcare crisis that many are not aware of. In smaller towns, hospitals and medical clinics are closing for a variety... Read more »
The First Non-Bartell Takes the Helm at Bartell Drugs

The First Non-Bartell Takes the Helm at Bartell Drugs

Brian Unmacht has recently been hired as the CEO for Bartell Drugs. He is the first leader that is not part of the Bartell family. The company has been under family management... Read more »
Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

We have all heard how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. We’ve probably read that the earth is 70 percent water; coincidentally or not, our bodies are 60-70 percent water,... Read more »

How the Medical Sector has Adapted to an Online Platform

The medical sector, just like any other industry today runs online. Medical Shipment LLC is one of the top medical equipment suppliers that is leading the way for most of the industry... Read more »
International Rescue Committee

Luminaries Including Diane von Furstenberg and Jacob Gottlieb Attend International Rescue Committee Dinner

In an impressive show of concern and support for improving the conditions facing refugees in all parts of the world, over 800 renowned luminaries representing the corporate, philanthropic, diplomatic, and entertainment communities... Read more »
The Makings of an Effective Nutrition Regimen with Insights from Jeunesse

The Makings of an Effective Nutrition Regimen with Insights from Jeunesse

Fad diets? Do this instead. Everywhere we look, a new trend or fad is telling us to eat this or eat that. We all understand nutrition is the cornerstone of good health,... Read more »

China Lifts The Ban On Endangered Animal Parts To Promote Medicine

A 25 year ban in China on tiger and rhinoceros parts has been lifted in an attempt to bolster the Chinese medicine industry. The activists believe this goes against the efforts made... Read more »
InnovaCare Health Offers Puerto Rico Solutions, Aid in Response to a Shocking, Critical Lack of Resources

InnovaCare Health subsidiary MMM continues recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, field professionals have little time to get their bearings

The team had been briefed on what to expect well before their two chartered Boeing 737s touched down near San Juan. They’d heard the stories of the challenges facing the hospital there,... Read more »

Gavin Newsom said that he would talk about the abortion issue in the governor’s race.

The Abortion issue has not been a sweet word to mention in California’s race for the gubernatorial seat. In a particular perspective, that makes sense. For a long time now, voters have... Read more »