Crave Beauty Academy: Crave Change. Crave Excitement

While there are many beauty academies across the globe, there are not many who are craving change from traditional teachings. Crave Beauty Academy is a premier cosmetology school that has multiple locations throughout Missouri and Kansas. Their mission is to assist students in creating excitement in their finished work and embracing ever-changing concepts in the beauty industry.

Stopping in at any one of their two locations in Wichita, Kansas or Ballwin, Missouri, you’ll find there are various programs that can enhance and mold a successful beauty career. Some of the most popular programs are esthetics, nail technology, cosmetology instruction. These three premier courses are what makes the ever-changing outlook of Crave Beauty Academy one of a kind.

With over 1500 accredited hours, their cosmetology program is built on the basic essential skills that any beauty professional will need to construct a successful career. This course covers everything from hair and skin to nail care. You’ll get to be engrossed in not only a classroom learning environment but also a salon floor educational atmosphere that will allow for hands-on training. This allows the students of Crave Beauty Academy to enjoy walking out into the real world with confidence.

The esthetics program includes essential skills to become a state licensed health and wellness professional. Massage, esthetic treatments, anatomy, and skin analysis are all topic areas that will be taught in-depth in this beauty program. Students will receive the state-mandated 750 accredited hours in Ballwin and the 1000 accredited hours in Wichita. With the information you learn from their esthetics program, you can enjoy a long-lasting career at any of a number of beauty spas, private practices, and dermatology offices.

The last major program we’re going to discuss offered by the Crave Beauty Academy is nail technology. You can’t have a career in beauty without considering nail health. This accredited program is designed to teach the basics of nail health, beautifying procedures like pedicures and manicures, enhancement programs, and so much more. This type of program can qualify you to work in a resort, spa, or another nail center. Students will receive the state-mandated 350 hours in the Wichita program and 400 hours in the Ballwin program.

The creator of Crave Beauty Academy is the beating spirit behind the innovative approach that the school takes. Kim McIntosh creates a supportive, family-like environment that all students can feel comfortable learning in. Many of her students feel at home at Crave Beauty Academy and go on to enjoy lifelong success in the beauty profession.

In fact, Crave is an acronym that all students come to learn and understand throughout their time at this academy. The C stands for the cultural importance of hard work and having fun while learning. The R stands for developing critical relationships with other schools, businesses, and clients. The A stands for achievement in great things as a long-long career in beauty is at the forefront for all students. The V stands for the values that help to develop people as individuals such as accountability, diversity, empowerment, respect, and integrity. Finally, the E stands for the education that this academy provides to help students better prepare to meet the demands of the various beauty industries.


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