Use Of Toothpaste Alone Will Not Provide Guarantee Against Dental Erosion Or Dentin Hypersensitivity

Findings from a Swiss study conclude that use of toothpaste alone in dental care and hygiene, will not provide a guarantee against dental erosion or dentin hypersensitivity. According to “Scientific Daily,” in a March 13, 2018 article, the study was carried out at the University of Bern in Switzerland. Financial funding came from Sao Paulo Research Foundation. The approach involved selection of nine separate brands of toothpastes from reputable pharmacies across Europe and Brazil. One toothpaste brand was a control, and the other eight had qualities noted to address erosion and dentin sensitivity.

The study procedure occurred over five consecutive days. Simulation brushing was done on sets of human premolars with the respective toothpastes combined with contact to an acid-based solution.

Researchers derived some of the following conclusions from their observations:
– By itself, Toothpaste is ineffective to curtail dental erosion and resultant hypersensitivity.
– Dental practitioners recommend, and have recommended, regular dental visits along with changes in diet and nutrition aimed at keeping teeth vital and strong.
– Further study may benefit concerning the relationship between pain and erosion.
– The toothpastes did have varying effect on surface enamel loss.
Toothpaste brands have increased over the past two decades in marketplace availability, as well as in what they offer to address. The researchers hold the view that toothpaste in dental hygiene is an aid in overall care and treatment. It is asserted that erosion, unlike dental caries, is non-bacterial in formation. Factors such as brushing, processed foods and beverages contribute to the onset of erosion. In the case of beverages, processing contributes to the acidic base in most processed commercial beverages.

The patient experiences dental erosion as discomfort when encountering food or drink that is too hot or cold. Thus, treatment that includes proper brushing, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, toothpaste usage, and dental visits may be in keeping with the findings from this Swiss study.


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