Depression: Its Effect on Women at the Workplace

Women who have fatigue, anxiety, stress and depressions have more chances of being injured or hurt while they are at work. This is shown in the circulated Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine stating that the aforementioned health issues substantially heightens the probability that women are prone to getting hurt than men. Research indicates that the ordinary workers safety program is not sufficient to keep women suffering from depression adequately safe at the workplace, since it needs a more cohesive method that combines safety, well-being and health.

Researchers have assessed the claims for insurance by 314 businesses from various sectors of industries. The study was represented by approximately 17,000 employees from the rank and file up to the executive level positions. It was established that while men had the probability of having work-related injuries, they did not stem from health behavioral issues such as anxiety. On the other hand, women who are suffering from behavioral and mental health problems have a higher risk of being injured at the workplace.

Listed below are foods that can alleviate majority of depression symptoms like restlessness, stress and lack of sleep.

  1. Vitamin D

Low levels of Vitamin D contribute to similar symptoms seen in depression since it is linked to the body’s ability to produce particular regulating hormones. To compensate, consume more orange juice, eggs, mushrooms and fatty fish.

  1. Complex Carbs

Complex carbohydrates can be found in whole grains, vegetables and brown rice. Research have shown that when intake of carbohydrates is limited the brain is unable to produce sufficient brain chemicals that makes the person or individual feel good – such as serotonin, which may result to the feeling of fatigue. So to minimize insomnia, heighten concentration and reduce nervousness, add sufficient amounts of complex carbs to the diet.

  1. Vitamin B Complex and Fats

Vitamin B rich foods help increase the body’s energy thus makes the person more active within the day. Fats are also essential since they contain satisfying properties that makes a person feel happy. Therefore it is a good idea to eat healthy fats along with Vitamin B complex rich foods like nuts, chickpeas, avocadoes, and dark chocolate daily.

  1. Carotene Rich Foods

Carrots, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are good sources of carotenes. Carotenes can aid in dealing with depression because of the chemical compounds found in it and is also an excellent addition to the diet since it is a Vitamin A precursor.



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