Buying Organic Not Always Healthier Choice

Since organic foods tend to be more expensive but are thought to be a healthier option to include in your diet, many healthy people make the mistake of only buying foods that are organically grown.

But research has shown that for certain food items such as eggs and avocados, the nutritional value between organic and non-organic items offers little difference.

“There’s a definite lack of evidence,” says researcher Crystal Smith-Spangler at Stanford University School of Medicine, especially when it comes to studies of people.

Certain items such as berries and meat that are certified organic are usually healthier to consume and clean from the pesticides and chemicals used in traditional cultivation methods. But buying organic across the board only means you will spend more for your food purchases and not necessarily be eating healthier.

Some previous studies have looked at specific organic foods and found that they contain higher levels of important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. A study released last year compared plots of organic and conventional tomatoes. After 10 years, the researchers found that tomatoes raised in the organic plots contained significantly higher levels of certain antioxidant compounds.

Unfortunately, many food marketers these days slap an “organic” label even on food items that contain sugar and fats that can prove to be very unhealthy, so do a little research before purchasing an item that contends it was organically produced.

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