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Holistic medicine like is finding increased popularity in today’s cultures – it is being advertised around the world as a way to improve one’s health and live a better life. Companies are advertising against Western medicine, identifying life altering side effects from newly introduced medications and practices. On the contrary though, holistic companies are introducing new concepts, from diets, to juice cleanses, to supplements, to teas, each health care company seems to have a solution for any current condition.  While some, like Dherbs, are looking to help us maximize our potential.


The question is however, where does this concept come from and how can we trust it in today’s world? In the article we will outline the history of holistic medicine, introduce an industry recognized brand, Dherbs’, and identify how  they are impacting the lives of hundreds of people through their recognition of the benefits of ancient practices.


A Review of Holistic Medicine: From Ancient Civilizations Until Today


All too often in today’s society, alternative medicine, also known as holistic or integral medicine, and healthcare become mislabeled and misunderstood. Despite the stigma that alternative care has been saddled with, it is continuously gaining popularity in western societies, introducing new avenues to improving one’s well-being; some of the most popular products include detox treatments, vitamin supplements, and herbal remedies.


Before we get started, let’s take a look at “What is Integral Medicine?” According to Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, a well renowned laboratory and clinical scientist, writer, social anthropologist, and acclaimed public speaker, integral medicine “recognizes that human beings possess emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions that are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the cultivation of wellness.”


As you can see these alternative methods have been around for centuries, however, many people see the rise of alternative treatments and healthcare as a passing trend rather than a larger shift in cultural norms. Followers of natural health practices are often told that their efforts are pointless and that the supplements and cleansing products available are nothing but snake oil. In reality, these claims are further from the truth than most would expect. While it is true that the human body has a limited ability to remove toxins on its own, humans have been seeking ways to help their bodies with detoxification for millennia, long before the harsh chemicals of the 21st century were part of our daily lives. Today, with toxic chemicals more prevalent than ever in the environment, rediscovering and perfecting ancient detoxification methods has become a necessity to holistic health.


Let’s remember that toxin accumulation is not entirely unique to our contemporary lifestyle, technology, or chemicals. If we take a look back throughout history, we find evidence for toxic exposure starting at the beginning of human society and with the invention of fire. Until relatively recently, people used open flame for warmth and cooking – a practice that creates constant exposure to the variety of carcinogenic hydrocarbons we work hard to eliminate from our environment today. Heavy metals like lead and mercury have been used for centuries in a multitude applications, from Roman cookware to the fashionable top hats of Victorian England. In fact, in the United States, we are only one generation removed from the commonplace inclusion of lead-based paint in our homes.

Dherbs CEO AD Dolphin on The Real

In some early civilizations, these heavy metals were considered powerful and beneficial. Mercury, for instance, is prevalent in the stories and legends of many civilizations throughout ancient history. However, regardless of their ancient beliefs, they were harmful. Tradesmen such as miners, metallurgists, hatters, and painters commonly suffered from the side effects of these toxins; Roman aristocracy, especially, suffered so much lead poisoning from their plumbing and cookware that many historians have suggested it was at the root of the decline of the Roman Empire!


When we look at historical medicine, we see that the threat of heavy toxin overload was very well-known and holistic approaches to removal was prevalent. In ancient traditions of India, traditional Chinese medicine, Christian Biblical text, Native American traditions, and Ancient Grecians, Romans, and Scandinavians, historical attempts at detoxification methods can be found. And it is today that we are trying to recreate these methods of the past.


Fortunately, with advances in technology, we as a society have gained the ability to use the scientific method to document experiments, conduct clinical trials, and confirm hypotheses based on these ancient traditions. For example, saunas, which were prevalent in Scandinavian traditions, are now proven to help a multiple of ailments and can be tweaked by adjusting the temperature, humidity, and duration of the sauna based on one’s needs. Studies additionally disclose that saunas can be used for heavy metal detoxification. Another study tracked people who used Ayurvedic methods of detoxification, or ancient traditions of India,  after the tragic World Trade Center attacks; researchers found that people who used Ayurvedic herbal treatments all indicated improvement in respiratory symptoms, fatigue, and depression. With time, researchers continue to recognize and prove the importance of removing toxins to improving health and the benefits of ancient traditions for healing.


Recognizing A Company That Understands History: Dherbs, Inc.


Dherbs Inc, a privately owned American herbal distribution company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is on the forefront of revitalizing the knowledge found in these ancient detoxification methods. Founded by A.D. Dolphin in 2004, Dolphin set out on a mission – his goal was to help assist people in “reclaiming their birthright of vibrant and optimal health.” Dolphin believes that “health does not come from an external source, one outside of the human body, but one from “within” the human body” – shadowing the beliefs of ancient civilizations holistic approaches to healing.


Dherbs incorporates many of these already well known ancient healing methods into their products, giving them the ability to provide a variety of different products specially tailored to fit different needs, and making them one of the biggest suppliers of nutritional products and health supplements in the United States. Whether is is for diabetes, insomnia, or liver disease, they have a remedy. The company’s products include organic and herbal cleansing supplements inspired by biblical and Native American traditions. Several of their herbal cleanses have been formulated to help assist with a range of ailments from gastrointestinal health to skin rejuvenation.


Dherbs focuses on all the successful methods of ancient healing, including ancient baths and saunas, with the addition of aromatics, evident by their available bath drops and herbal sprays. Dherbs also produces a line of herbal teas based on traditional Chinese medicine. These wonderful teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, and effective. Of course, Dherbs products are made with 100% pure, natural herbs that are combined with meticulous attention to balance in order to achieve the desired results.


Dherbs has gained traction in the health community for their full body cleanse, a 20-day regime that works to naturally cleanse the body, aiding in support of weight management, an improved immune system, and increasing energy levels. Additional benefits of this full body cleanse include healthier skin and improved complexion; a more positive outlook on life; a clearer mind; normalization and regulation of body functions; reduction of sugar and junk food cravings; and maintenance of a healthy libido and circulation. How does it do this? Just like the ancients, it works through botanical assistance from the earth.


The 20 day body regime includes ingredients such as Gymnema Leaf, a natural ingredient which is known to enhance your digestion and overall health condition; Garcinia Fruit, which induces a process known as thermogenic fat burn, assisting in weight loss;  Aloe Vera Leaf, which enhances one’s overall health condition and improves digestion; Green Tea Leaf, which assists in burning through fat and introduces prominent antioxidants into the body; and African Mango Seed, which also improves digestion and delivers beneficial nutrients at the same time.


Dherbs also recognizes the importance of diet modification and exercise to truly experience a life altering change. Therefore, along with their services, they incorporate nutritional recipes that not only taste good but help to strengthen your immune system and help your body heal itself. We know there is more to being healthy than simply eating right; you must embrace all the elements of a healthy lifestyle, including natural herbal supplements. The recipes Dherbs offers with their products are designed to let you eat healthier versions of your favorite foods while continuing on your journey towards good health.


Company founder, AD Dolphin, firmly believes that “Diet is everything,” and that Dherbs cleanses are “going to help you to get over those humps that you haven’t been able to get over … get away from some of those fried foods, get away from those different things that you have been plaguing your body with all these years…the cleanse is going to help you give yourself a fresh start.” The various cleanses are brilliantly designed to help you change your diet and get a kick start to improving your general health. Studies have indicated that roughly 90 percent of diseases today are, in some way, related to diet. “We’re eating our way to sickness; it’s our choice, we’re signing up for it,” Dolphin explains. Detox and cleanses can help us reach our goals of a healthy active lifestyle and reduce our risk of living with any number of avoidable, harmful diseases.

Getting Started: Improving Your Life With Dherbs


In order to gain a full understanding of the benefits of detoxes, herbal remedies, and teas, we can review the history of detoxification throughout ancient medicine. The basic principles, techniques, and methods are outlined in ancient documents, which provide plenty of guidance for modern alternative medicine and help create the inspiration for Dherbs’ products.  For example, implementing the Ayurvedic mode, which focuses on removing toxins from substances you eat as well as from the body in order to prevent toxic build up.

When commencing a lifestyle that includes these ancient traditions, It is important to be knowledgeable about the products you use; avoiding foods, supplements, and products that are contaminated, especially with mercury and lead, can help to minimize the toxic load on your body to begin with. If you are currently using a detoxification regiment, it’s even more vital to protect yourself from external exposure to these types of toxins, considering the effort you’re exerting to complete the detox. You certainly don’t want to waste your time by carelessly subjecting yourself to continual, excessive exposure.


Take a step back and think about the big picture: Plant life is incredible. Trees cleanse the very air we breathe, and herbs provide the ingredients necessary to remove toxins from our bodies; the botanical world truly is our biggest ally. Nature’s powerful benefits are only matched by its powerful detrimental effects. When seeking supportive botanicals for detoxification or starting a detox regiment, it is important to work with a professional who is skilled and trained in herbalism and aromatherapy.


As a mission, Dherbs is inspired by the power of the natural world and the way that many ancient cultures harnessed that power, using aromatic botanicals for both internal and external use. To this day, supplementation is trusted by detox practitioners and by those hoping to keep their body free of toxins. By leaning on the guidance of experts and trusting the power of plants, you’re benefiting from the best of both worlds: modern understandings and ancient wisdom.


Continuing To Take Action


Another key component inspired by ancient medicine is stimulating your body’s natural detoxification. Throughout the day, your immune system is continuously analyzing, cleaning, and clearing cells from your body. You even have a network of pathways in all parts of your body dedicated to removing toxins. Getting these pathways activated can provide you with one more tool that can positively influence your daily life.


Most people today are eating heavy diets, living sedentary lives, and are bombarded with a steady stream of chemical exposure from food, electronics, and daily home products. All of this interferes with your body’s ability to cleanse itself. Getting started with an herbal detoxification method can help your body prepare for change; then it is up to the individual to continue their healthy regiment to maintain natural stimulation. Continued assistance of herbal remedies to battle the unavoidable toxins and chemicals in today’s world is a great addition to the maintenance plan.

The Big Picture


The accumulation of toxins isn’t something to be treated individually or singled out for care. Rather, it is one part of an elaborate puzzle, and ultimately, the goal is to bring your body as a whole back to optimum health – to equilibrium. Using the wealth of knowledge from the ancients and pulling information from modern science, we can take control of our health. We have discovered highly effective prevention and detoxification methods used by alternative medicine all over the world, which can keep our body in balance and functioning at its best.


By leveraging this wisdom, Dherbs continues to grow. Indeed, it is already one of the leading online herbal supplement sources, promoting health and wellness by cleansing the body and promoting healthy eating. Its primary focus is the discovery and promotion of natural ways to heal the body. To further support its commitment to holistic health, Dherbs is launching a new platform that will provide information about how to incorporate physical activity into your everyday life. Dherbs Active encourages people to lead active lifestyles no matter what the context of their day-to-day may be.

A staggering number of people go to work, sit at a desk all day, and return home to watch TV for the rest of the night – permitting no time for self care and exercise. This type of sedentary lifestyle can lead to a long list of health problems including shorter lifespan, poor eating habits, poor circulation, injuries, depression and anxiety, and weight gain. Dherbs Active is designed to show individuals that they don’t have to go to the gym to become a healthier person. Whether they want to stick with traditional exercise or try something completely new, Dherbs Active can customize a plan according to any individuals needs. The company tuley believes in a balanced life.


Focusing on a holistic approach to one’s’ well being can be life changing. It can provide the opportunity to cure ailments, ease pains, and reduce future problems. Implementing herbal remedies, focusing on a healthier diet, and practicing moderate exercise (according to ones’ limitations), can provide an individual a multitude of benefits, including: preventing unexpected and avoidable injuries and diseases, maintaining a  healthy weight, good mental health, lower stress levels, higher energy levels, and a longer lifespan.


Dherbs as a company understands this concept. They have taken the knowledge of ancient civilizations, which have historical records to help healing, and have implemented the ideas into their brand. Dherbs has created an array of products, ranging from body cleanses, teas, herbal supplements, sprays, and more, allowing them to reach a broader range of individuals. They are constantly creating new remedies for people that can help improve lives, while also providing mentorship and support along the way. They are one of the most well reviewed cleanses, with users on Yelp and TrustPilot raving about their experiences, so what do you have to lose?

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