Man Surprises Parents With 130 pound Weight Loss

Lucas Irwin wanted to surprise his parents, so, he stayed away from home for a full year. His sister is the only one who knew his plan. Irwin once weighed 300 pounds, but, he shed approximately 130 pounds of it within a year. When he arrived home, he had his sister videotape the reunion with his parents. They were ecstatic when they saw Irwin. His stepmother said he did not even look like the same person.

“I only go home once or twice a year, usually once in the summer, once for Christmas,” Irwin, 25, told TODAY on Wednesday’s show. “And I made up an excuse not to go home over the summer just so they wouldn’t see me.”

The video went viral, and people want to know how he lost so much weight within such a short period of time. Irwin said that it had very little to do with exercise. He went on a strict diet of 1350 calories per day in order to shed the pounds. He said that no foods were off limits, but, he usually ate things like tuna salad and chicken with salsa.

The young man said that the best part of losing the weight is seeing the reaction from co-workers and friends. He is not finished with the diet yet. He says he wants to lose another 20 pounds. He also wants to make becoming a dietician a career. There is no reason he should not do so, either. He already has people asking him for advice every day.

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