Repairing “Smokers Lungs” with a Healthy Diet

It is well known that smoking can have extremely detrimental effects on your lungs. Along with smoking, there is a natural deterioration of organs every human being will experience with age. It is most common that your lungs will begin to deteriorate at the age of 35, for they fully mature between the ages of 20 to 25 years old. What scientists have discovered is that the consumption of tomatoes and fruits that are positively correlated with health benefits can help restore the lungs of smokers and slow the deterioration process of the lungs of non-smoking aging humans.
The lead scientist of this study, Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, is currently a professor at Bloomberg School’s Department of International Health. She hypothesized that if you held a diet that consisted of fruits and vegetables then the decline of lung function of ex-smokers would be slowed down. Specifically, she was interested in figuring the effects of a healthy diet in comparison to lung function. In particular, she seemed to have a focus on what a person could do to help reduce the chance of obtaining COPD.
As of 2015, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has reported that 20.9 percent of the population smokes cigarettes. This causes a higher risk for many diseases, two of the most common being lung cancer and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and both can lead to a much earlier death. Although, what a lot of people fail to realize is that when you cease smoking, your lungs do begin to repair themselves. It is fairly rapid when you first stop, but then it can take a few years to show drastic improvements.
What scientist Vanessa Garcia-Larsen has figured is that you can contribute to the speed of repairment of your lungs. The main idea is that you need to have a healthy diet. Within this diet, fresh fruits and vegetables are essential. This is vital because artificial products would not be likely to show the same conclusive results. Garcia-Larsen performed lung-function tests on 650 adults from Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway after 10 years of the requested diet. What she found is that there was a more profound change in the lungs of ex-smokers. She then concluded that the nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables essential to their diet was able to heal the damage done to the lungs by smoking. She also believes that this study can lead to a decline in the diagnosis of COPD.
More can be read about the study here.

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