An Alarming Flu Season

Flu season is never a welcome thing for people. This current one, however, genuinely takes the cake. It actually has the distinction of being the most severe one in close to 10 full years, believe it or not. The last flu season that compared in intensity was in 2009. That was the time of the frightening swine flu phenomenon. The problem lies in the fact that the current season is intensifying by the day.

More and more people in the United States are catching the flu right now. The situation gets a lot more unpleasant than that, though. That’s because significant numbers of people are entering hospitals for flu treatment. This can in many cases signify rates of death.

This situation may be on its way to matching the season back in 2014 and 2015. It may even exceed it. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guesses that roughly 34 million individuals in the United States caught the flu during that season. 710,000 of those individuals went to the hospital for care. Approximately 56,000 passed away as a result of the sickness as well.

Dr. Daniel B. Jernigan is the head of the influenza department at the CDC. The director said that people should anticipate figures along those lines. He gave this information while participating in a phone news meeting.

The CDC was notified about seven young children who passed away due to the flu. That leads to a sum of 37 fatalities. The season in 2014 and 2015 saw a little less than 150 deaths in children. The CDC assesses these cases on their own. It does not do so via estimates.

Experts are unable now to anticipate upcoming child fatalities for the current season. That’s because there are weeks on the horizon. The CDC doesn’t always find out about deaths quickly. They frequently discover them weeks later.

Although the season is coming to a close soon, the CDC is encouraging people in the United States to go for their flu shots for prevention purposes. People should know, however, that there are pharmacies and physicians that have run out of their flu shot supplies. People should head online in advance to determine any and all suppliers that can help them.

There are also parts of the United States that lack sufficient antivirals. Tamiflu is an example of an antiviral that’s becoming harder and harder to find at the moment.

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