Deadly Flu of 2018

It is currently February 17th 2018 and this flu season has been one of the worst to say the least. There have been a considerable amount of deaths in the both Children and adults this season, and the season is not over yet. Although it has been said that this flu season has not shown any more signs of growing, it is recommended that if you haven’t gotten your flu shot then you go out and get one for you and or your kids.

To date, this season the flu has now taken 84 children’s lives according to the CDC. Reportedly three out of four children who died from the flu had not received the flu vaccine. Both strains influenza A and influenza B are circulating at the same time as said by USA Today. One usually dominates early on in the season and the other usually comes a little later in the season. Flu vaccines have been less effective than first expected. Underlying medical conditions, such as underlying lung disease or asthma or COPD, can make it hard for someone to fight the influenza virus.

Those of you who are so used to hearing the Acronym H1N1 This may be a new one the H3N2 strain is the reason for this year’s intensive flu cease. This strain of the influenza virus has been known to be the reason for higher hospitalization and death rates. Although it has not been as effective this season, everyone is still being asked to vaccinate themselves and their children to better protect yourself and your children from this vaccine.It may seem late in the season,but this virus hasn’t gone into hibernation yet. Although experts say that it may have plateaued, that doesn’t mean you you shouldn’t protect yourself and that you aren’t at great risk and catching this virus. These details were found on both and

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