A Flesh Eating Bacteria Takes The Life Of An Indianapolis Woman

An Indianapolis woman has passed away after a vacation left her infected by a flesh eating bacteria. Her family does not believe the correct treatment was provided by the local hospital. Richard Martin was the husband of Carol Martin. He told WTTV the hospital believed there was something beneath her skin or an abscess. The small bump increased in size and turned into a deadly infection.

Richard Martin said the bump was originally the size of a dime or a penny. His wife believed it was a pimple. Carol Martin was a fifty year old grandmother, mother and wife who passed away last week. The first sign of an infection appeared during her Florida vacation. Her husband believes the infection came from getting into a hot tub. He feels her lack of insurance resulted in improper medical treatment. They saw the physician three times. Franciscan Health immediate care was their first visit and the second was the Franciscan Health ER. She was sent home twice with a heating pad and antibiotics. The family believes this caused the infection to become worse.

Richard Martin feels the doctor should have been aware the bump was growing by the second visit and procured a culture. The second trip to the ER led to an emergency surgery. This was when Carol was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. The family said the doctor came into the room and stated she had a flesh eating bacteria and required immediate surgery. Franciscan Health provided a statement to WTTV. They said their prayers and sympathy were with the members of her loved ones. The federal privacy guidelines prohibit the hospital from releasing any details concerning the care of the patient. For additional information please visit https://www.cbsnews.com/news/woman-dies-after-contracting-flesh-eating-bacteria-on-vacation-family-says/.

Necrotizing fasciitis is classified as a serious bacterial infection of the skin. The infection spreads fast and kills the soft tissue of the body. The best possible way to stop this infection is a combination of surgery, strong antibiotics and an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Joette Giovinco stated it was a challenge to treat a flesh eating bacteria. She also said everything can easily go wrong quickly during the treatment of the patient.

Richard Martin is currently paying for an autopsy to discover the exact details surrounding the death of his wife. At this time he does not yet have the results. He is additional seeking legal assistance to find the answers he has been asking the hospital for months.


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