The Flu is No Fluke

Often when people hear the flu they think about coughing, feeling very heated, having breathing problems and a running nose but unfortunately for some people, it can lead to much worst. Death!!! According to “A 20-Year-Old Arizona Woman Died From The Flu One Day After Getting Diagnosed” by Caroline Kee [Published on December 4, 2017, on] unfortunately about 12,000 to 56,000 people on a yearly basis die from flu infection. The flu is more dangerous than people make it out to be especially from the masses point of view. It is usually thought of as cold, something that comes and goes rapidly with no extreme caution. Sadly for this Phoenix, Arizona family one of their own has passed due to this horrible sickness that everyone seems to not take seriously.

After spending time with her family members on Thanksgiving twenty-year-old Alani “Joie” Murrieta mother of two young boys passed away to a flu infection which cause pneumonia. The whole family got sick after the Thanksgiving dinner which causes to believe she must have got it from the food. The rest of the family got well and was able to return to their weekly activities. But for Alani, it got worst and worst by the day to the point where she was not able to work. After a week of trying to fight through the pain on her own, she could no longer endure the long-lasting suffering torture. Her sister took her to the clinic but the prescription wasn’t doing much for her. So the next day she was transported to the emergency hospital. After being X-Rayed they quickly found out she has pneumonia due to the flu infection. Just a couple hours later she was put into ICU and was having breathing problems. Soon her heart stopped and the doctors worked diligently to bring her back. They brought her back to life once but she gave out again and was pronounced dead.

In conclusion, it’s important that people take the flu as something that is very life-threatening. It’s not a cold, it’s not just a runny nose or feeling tired for a couple days but a life-threatening sickness that can actually take your life. It’s very important that people go to the hospital and get themselves checked out as soon as possible whenever experiencing signs of flu symptoms. Better to be safe than sorry.

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