Harsh Flu Season Ahead

This year the flu season will be unusually harsher than previous years. Although these seasons are hard to predict, scientists use the Southern Hemisphere in places like Australia to make educated guesses about the effect the flu could have on the United States. As the article reports, the flue vaccine is not nearly as effective as the past few years. The mutating virus made it hard for scientists to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. The United States, using the same vaccine as Australia, is experiencing outbreaks of this new strain of influenza. Although this vaccine is ineffective against the specific strain in Australia, new strains that arise within the United States may be combated by it. New strains in the United States may not be as potent as the virus seen in Australia, and these strains may also be more common than the H3N2 strain. Another reason the United States is better off is because the citizens of the U.S. are highly vaccinated, compared to the Australian population. This lack of aggressive drug use may be the reason for Australia’s flu epidemic. As long as a majority of the population here in the United States gets vaccinated, scientists believe there won’t be any major issues. Spreading disease only increases the chance that one of these highly effective strains, like H3N2, is assimilated into the population. Scientists, friends and family encourage a vaccinated population because nobody wants a plethora of disease walking around. These predictions are just predictions remember, not all flu seasons can be predicted so early, but it’s nice to be prepared for the worst. The H3N2 virus can effect anyone, and it definitely creates major problems for elderly citizens. Vaccinate, wash your hands and be careful what you touch, you don’t want to be known as the “Dreaded Spreader”.

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