Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Tops 100,000

As of Sunday morning, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide is well over 105,000 with more than 3,500 deaths reported. While the majority of these cases have come from mainland China, the number of deaths in the US is now at 19. The bulk of these deaths are from the state of Washington as the virus continues to rip through a long-term healthcare facility. The total number of confirmed cases in the US is now nearing the 500 mark with 32 states seeing the virus.

Also on Sunday, Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency in her state of Oregon after the number of confirmed cases rose to 14 in the overnight hours. By officially declaring a state of emergency, Oregon officials can now tap into emergency resources in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

The state of New York has also seen an exponential uptick in confirmed cases with the total number now at 105. Westchester is ground zero in New York, reporting 82 confirmed cases. New York City has 12 reported cases.

In global news, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued an order to put most of the northern part of the country under mandatory lockdown. This lockdown is in response to the growing number of cases throughout this region of Italy. 133 deaths were reported in Italy in the last 24 hours alone. Cities under the lockdown include Verona and Milan. Approximately 25% of the total population is subject to the lockdown, located in the country’s most prosperous and industrialized region.

While the number of new cases in China has slowed down, the country was dealt a massive blow on Saturday when a hotel building that was being used as a quarantine center collapsed. The facility is located in China’s Quanzhou city, approximately 600 miles from Wuhan. According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, there are 10 confirmed deaths as a result of the collapse. In addition, there are 23 people who are still missing in the rubble.

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