Paul Mampilly is Betting on Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly has given his readers his next pick in his newsletter Profits Unlimited. This is the newsletter in which he makes suggestions to his readers about the stocks that he believes are going to provide investors with high returns. He must know what he is talking about in this newsletter because it has more than 90,000 readers.

The tip that Paul is giving today is for precision medicine. According to Paul Mampilly, there is a revolution brewing in precision medicine, and the company that leads it will undoubtedly be a huge winner as precision medicine grabs a greater portion of the healthcare market.

Mr. Mampilly has used strong words to describe this new trend in his newsletter. He wrote, “…the greatest medical breakthrough in history.” He also stated, “…more important than every drug, vaccination and medical device…COMBINED!” Lastly, he said, “Experts declare this is ‘a revolutionary approach to tackling disease that will completely change the game and ignite a health revolution.’”

Apparently, Paul Mampilly has come across a company that is located in the Midwest that is just about to embark upon a development that is going to be greater than anything in history. This new breakthrough will make it so that diseases that cannot be cured will be in the near future.

Why Listen to Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly earned his Master of Business Administration from Fordham University in 1996. He became an assistant portfolio manager in 1991 where he started to manage accounts that were worth millions of dollars. In 2006, he was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to manage its hedge fund, and this proved to be an extremely wise choice. With Paul as the leader, the firm’s assets rose to $25 billion, and Barron’s presented the fund with the “World’s Best” title for its 26 percent annual returns.

Paul received one other notable accolade after he was invited to join the Templeton Foundation’s illustrious investment competition. He started the contest with $50 million, but by the time he was finished, he had grown this amount to $88 million. It must be noted that he did this in the middle of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on several television programs, including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC.

Along with Profits Unlimited, Paul is also the founder of the newsletter Extreme Fortunes and has a research service entitled “True Momentum.”

What Exactly Is Precision Medicine?

Think of the day that a scientist can examine your DNA and create a personalized medication that will work perfectly with your genetic makeup. In essence, physicians would be creating medications that would keep your body from developing a particular disease in the same way that someone can tailor a suit that fits you perfectly.

If this could be done, a scientist would be able to eradicate Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis by examining a person’s DNA profile. The time for this to happen is right now because the $1.5 billion company Paul Mampilly told us about is the one that is making it happen.

Simply put, precision medicine makes it possible for physicians to choose the most effective treatments and medications that will keep patients from contracting a disease. Also, if the patient already has a particular disease, precision medicine will help medical professionals choose treatments and drugs that are most likely to help the individual. The physician will only need to look at the person’s genes.

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Which Company Is It?

Paul Mampilly is betting on Myriad for precision medicine

The company “Myriad Genetics” is in the business of personalizing medicine, but it is also a diagnostics company. The enterprise sells and processes tests that assess a person’s risk for cancer and is in the business of identifying cancer variants. It also makes predictions on how a disease will progress and determines whether or not a treatment will be successful.

The company makes most of its money on cancer screening although it studies other diseases as well. For the most part, hereditary cancer screenings for colon and breast cancers are at the top of the list. These are tests that identify the mutations that increase a person’s risk for these cancers. In the case where an intervention exists that can lower a person’s risk if the person is tested and determined to have a mutation, health insurers would be interested in paying for these tests.

Paul Mampilly’s Stock Recommendations

In August of last year, Myriad Genetics’ stock (Nasdaq: MGYN) was performing very well. That was around the time that he started to recommend this stock. The company has been experiencing good news since September, and it is now a $2.2 billion stock. Over the summer, it was a $1.5 billion stock.

The Supreme Court allowed this market to be opened up to Myriad’s competitors, but Myriad remains the leader in this type of testing. The monopoly the company had gave it the chance to develop a huge cache of cancer variant data and mutations that its competitors do not possess at this moment, but the competition is still a concern.

Paul has suggested precision medicine to his audience before. In February of 2017, Paul Mampilly recommended Foundation Medicine as a precision medicine stock pick. Since then, this stock has done exceptionally well although it isn’t as firmly set in its position as Myriad. Foundation Medicine is almost as large as Myriad and has a market cap of $1.3 billion. Its revenues are growing quickly, but it isn’t making a profit yet, and that may be the reason that Myriad appears to be a better bet.

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