Stopping An Insidious Disease

In the past few years a much prescribed medication has damaged thousands of people’s lives. Opioids are often prescribed for pain. Unfortunately they are addictive and can lead to more harmful substances such as heroin. In some cases so addictive that people have lost their homes, careers, families, and lives in pursuit of their addiction.
In fact, many in the United States are taking notice, and bringing that notice to the courts. According to the Stamford Advocate, Purdue Pharmaceuticals is currently facing a wave of litigation that seems to be gaining momentum. It is because of their push to over prescribe and hide dangerous information about their best selling drug, Oxycontin. The amount they paid for advertising alone increased by 3.9 million dollars in a span of six years.
They have paid far more in litigation fees. Now, it seems the shoe is on the other foot. Top executives in Purdue have recently paid huge settlements out to victims and no longer work for the company. Unfortunately the drug is still being produced and prescribed to patients with pain, though getting those prescriptions has become more difficult. For more for information you can visit
However, in addition to litigation aimed at the makers of the drug, some are taking a more hopeful route. Bloomberg reports a new drug has been found to ease symptoms and aid the very people affected by addiction. Buprenorphine, while being an opioid itself, has proven effective in ameliorating the symptoms of Opioid addiction. Because of that Indivior has introduced Sublocade, an injection given once a month by a doctor.
It does have some side effects but is generally helpful to those who need Sublocade. With the death toll reaching almost sixty five thousand a year from drug overdoses alone, Sublocade could prove to be a life saving drug. With its recent approval by the FDA, doctors have a weapon in what has been termed by the President as a public health emergency. Additional information about Sublocade can be found here,

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