Dr. Mark Holterman Expands Humanitarian Interests with IPSAC-VN

Dr. Mark Holterman is a practicing doctor, a tenured faculty member, and a successful businessman. With so much on his plate, some people might expect Holterman to slow down. Holterman, on the other hand, is ready to take things to the next level. That is why he is excited to announce his partnership with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


This organization is known colloquially as ISPAC-VN, and it is an ambitious charitable organization that focuses on outreach to Vietnam. Vietnam is a country in Asia, and it is probably best known for the civil war that drew in worldwide support during the last century. While many countries suffered losses during the Vietnam conflict, the most significant toll was on the Vietnamese. Decades later, the aftermath is still apparent. The country is trying to move on and put the past away, but it takes time to build up infrastructure and professional support systems in important industries.


One industry that is lagging, in particular, is medicine. The Vietnamese medical system simply does not have the proper training and equipment to make sure that doctors are equipped to help patients. Because of this, patients are suffering. This is especially true for children, who are often the most vulnerable population.


IPSAC-VN’s Ambitions and Goals


This is why the IPSAC-VN is fully committed to promoting superior care for pediatric cases in Vietnam. The organization uses donations to fund more training and equipment for medical facilities in Vietnam. This is not all the organization does, however. It also recruits trained medical volunteers to spend time in Vietnam. While there, these medical volunteers spend time teaching and training. They also work directly with the children, providing treatment and completing important surgeries when possible.


These volunteers are clearly vital to the ongoing work of IPSAC-VN. These volunteers are carefully recruited, chosen for their skills and kindness. Only medical volunteers who are fully licensed can be chosen. Moreover, these volunteers are expected to provide their own funding for travel and hotel expenses. This allows the organization to focus its money on the needs of the Vietnamese medical system and the children who need the funds most.


The daunting nature of the volunteer criteria is an impediment for some doctors. This is not the case for Dr. Mark Holterman. When given the opportunity, Holterman was only too happy to volunteer his time, money and experience with IPSAC-VN. He is eagerly anticipating his first mission with the organization in 2018.


This commitment to IPSAC-VN is just the latest development in Dr. Mark Holterman’s long and successful career. When he is not volunteering his time overseas, Holterman is actually working as a faculty member, doctor, and businessman in Peoria, Illinois. To be clear, he is not volunteering with IPSAC-VN for the lack of other commitments. Indeed, carving out time to travel to Vietnam will be a challenge for this working doctor. However, when you consider the full scope of Holterman’s career, his decision seems like a natural extension of his selfless dedication to patients.


To start, it is worth considering Dr. Mark Holterman’s medical credentials. Although Holterman was raised on a rural farm in Wisconsin, he was able to build an impressive application that got him accepted at Yale. This was no small feat for a boy with no family connections and minimal social networking. Still, Holterman had learned how to work hard, and he took that solid work ethic with him to his Ivy League school. While at Yale, Holterman did not squander his big academic break. Instead, he persisted through the academic challenges and graduated with honors in 1980.


How Holterman Got Involved


Dr. Mark Holterman was not done yet. With ambitions to be a doctor, he actively pursued his next step in the educational path. Using his academic performance in his favor, Holterman won a scholarship from the NIH. This allowed him to fund his education for an advanced degree at the University of Virginia Charlottesville. At UVA, he pursued a challenging academic program that allowed him to earn a dual doctorate in medicine and science.


This course took him 13 years to complete. When he completed his education, he took his training to the next level with a residency in pediatric surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Residency is never easy, but Dr. Mark Holterman excelled. When he finished the program, he was promptly accepted as a faculty member at the University of Illinois. Here, Holterman was able to start training new doctors while also treating patients. To do this, Holterman maintains affiliations at several major hospitals in the area. This gives him the flexibility to help as many pediatric patients as possible in Illinois, maximizing his impact.


The story of his career is impressive, but it is not all there is for Dr. Mark Holterman. With his career established, Holterman’s innovative mind could not rest easy. Instead, he understood that his skills in medicine and management could have other applications as well. It was this mindset that drove him to start his own business. The Mariam Global Health Fund is a company designed to promote innovation within the medical field. Using his funds in the company, he is able to partner with other aspiring minds to create important advancements in the field. Through his work with the Mariam Global Health Fund, Holterman has funded advancements in regenerative medicine, oncology, medical devices, stem cell therapy and much more. In this capacity, Holterman does not merely provide monetary funds. He also serves as an expert consultant for venture capital companies (Health.USNews).


Although the business world is often driven solely by profit, Dr. Mark Holterman has higher aims with the Mariam Global Health Fund. Holterman seeks to continually improve the medical profession, promoting better treatment and better outcomes for patients. He has seen in person the needs that patients have during their treatment and care, and he uses his company to find new ways to meet those needs. This type of work allows Holterman to expand his influence beyond Illinois and beyond the Midwest. Indeed, with the Mariam Global Health Fund, Holterman is able to help patients around the world.


With a closer look at his background, it easy to see why Dr. Mark Holterman is such a good fit for the IPSAC-VN. As an organization, IPSAC-VN is committed to serving the good of vulnerable patients around the world. As a medical professional, Holterman has always had the same goals through his medical career and business ventures. 2018 is sure to be an exciting year for both Holterman and IPSAC-VN. More importantly, it should be a good year for the pediatric medical system in Vietnam.


More information on Dr. Mark Holterman at http://medicaldailytimes.com/medicine/dr-mark-holterman/2946/

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