How Exercise Helps To Curb Your Appetite

For a majority of people, exercising is like a punishment and they cannot seem to get beyond the first few seconds of their cardio. However, recent research has proven that exercising is an excellent way to help people curb their appetite. When you ask a majority of people what happens to their bodies during exercise, most of them will simply tell you that they get hot, and flushed. However, that is not the only thing that happens. Exercising helps in decreasing our appetites. How exactly does working out help reduce your appetite?
Aerobic exercises like swimming, running, cycling help decrease your appetite by changing the hormonal level, which drives your body’s hunger. Nevertheless, despite the discovery of such scientific facts, the biological mechanisms that enable the hormonal change are still uncertain. Recently, a researcher set out to understand the primary biological mechanisms that enable the change of hormones when it comes to reducing your appetite. Young-Hwan Jo, a researcher from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was fascinated by how his usual 45-minute run always left him craving little food than usual and decided to find out the reason. Young-Hwan Jo believed that the heating process of his body during his exercise routine plays a significant role in sending a signal to the brain for it to decrease your appetite.
According to Jo, when we eat foods that contain hot chili, our body temperature rises and our appetite decreases. The reason for this behavior is that the hot chili contains a compound known as capsaicin. Capsaicin interacts with your body’s sensory receptors causing a hot and flushed reaction. However, to prove this line of thought, Jo and his team conducted an experiment to prove whether their hypothesis is correct. The first stage of their experiment involved experimenting mouse hypothalamus tissue. They then exposed these tissues to capsaicin and then to heat to help them observe whether the tissues will react.
The second stage of the experiment involved using actual mice to determine how the Capsaicin works. They exposed the mice to capsaicin and found that they eat less over the next 12 hours. They later put the mice on a treadmill for 40 minutes and attained the same results of a reduction of their appetite. Their experiment, therefore, proved that exercise does actually help reduce your appetite. The more you work out the more your appetite reduces and the closer you get to attaining your health goals.

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