The Exemplary Services Of Human Longevity, Inc In The Medical Field

Human Longevity, Inc. was set up by heads of genomics with the ultimate goal of giving every individual access to health intelligence that is data-driven. It is a San Diego-based endeavor that was launched by both Peter Diamandis and Craig Venter in 2013, and it operates as a company of cell therapy-based diagnostics, genomics, and therapeutic. Also, it has specialized in the assemblage of a human genotype, phenotype, and microbe database for genome sequencing. Over the years, the company has received donations in investments form; for instance, the $80 million in summer 2014 and $220 million in 2016.

Human Longevity, Inc. has engaged in numerous deals with several drug companies, like AstraZeneca and Celgene, to join forces in its research. The need for the study is to provide its customers with a wellness service popular as “Health Nucleus,” which offers them with a set of medical tests like the full genome sequencing and the criteria for the indication of early cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s symptoms. The medical tests are mainly meant to aid people in seizing conditions earlier as much as possible rather than determining the diseases’ risk factors later in life. It is vivid that in this sector, the company has made fabulous accomplishments through its Health Nucleus Service.

Their genetic makeup or genotype offers the code to our life. However, Human Longevity Inc., the staff does not seek to comprehend the expressed genes in that code but sequences each letter in the complete genome to be aware of the gene modifiers, regulatory control regions, and more. It aids them Ito identify the fundamental causes behind conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Talking of phenotype as the other specialization of the company, it refers to all the observable traits of a person and the physical characteristics that make up an individual. Therefore, Human Longevity Inc. conducts a comprehensive method to collect and correlate data to offer more actionable health intelligence. Since without a comprehension of these facets, we would only witness half of the story.

Over the years, the company has received several acknowledgments on numerous occasions as a result of its exemplary health services. A good example is when American Pathologists College awarded human Longevity Clinical Labs LLC, an accreditation. The award was based on the results of the on-site inspection as part of the CAP’S Accreditation Programs, making Human Longevity Clinical Labs LLC be one of the 8,000 CAP facilities which have been accredited worldwide.

The director of the facility at that time, Kenneth J. Bloom, MD, was informed concerning this national recognition and congratulated by many people for his hard work. For instance, the CEO, Craig, stated it clearly that they were proud of their laboratory team’s diligence and hard work in achieving this vital and essential accreditation from CAP. Also, he promised to continue providing their clients with quality and comprehensive health information as part of their Health Nucleus experience. Therefore, the company has continued working hard to retain the title by offering exemplary health services to its clients.


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