Eva Dubin Gives Tips For Healthy Living

Eva Dubin is a physician and former model. She is passionate about helping patients with breast cancer live a longer, healthier life. She is a breast cancer survivor. She speaks openly about her own struggle with breast cancer. Eva got her first mammogram at the age of 40.

She did not have a family history of the condition. However, because she is a doctor, she knows that this disease can affect anyone. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after she got her second mammogram in 2002. Ever since then, she has been an advocate for health. Dubin has three tips for people who want to live a long, healthy life.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Eva strives to get eight hours of sleep every night and encourages other people to do the same. When she was in medical school, she discovered that she would not be at her best if she did not get the proper amount of sleep.

Eat in Moderation

Eva eats the same lunch every day. She has grilled vegetables, nuts, lentils and fruits. She also watches her portions. She does enjoy wine, but she rarely has more than half of a glass. She recommends that other people do the same.


Eva has a busy schedule, so she has to be creative in order to get physical activity into her day. She works at the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sanai Hospital, which is located near Central Park in New York City. She will sometimes go to the park and take a walk during her lunch break. After that, she returns to work. She stated that you have to multitask in order to get physical activity into your day.

Eva and her husband are well-known philanthropists. They raised money to open the Dubin Breast Center in 2011.

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