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Market America has long prided itself on being a highly inclusive community. From encouraging diversity to inviting children to major events, Market America is a true business of people. At the 25th Annual International Convention in mid 2017, Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin and her husband Duane McLaughlin commended the parents who made it to the event with their children in tow. She waived at the group of parents and children sitting in a group. Knowing the difficulty of travelling with children and all of the complications that can arise, Amber says that “they knew their why and they made it happen despite any challenge.”

The atmosphere of inclusiveness brings people back again and again.

Market America Product Talk
Creators of DNA Miracles, Amber Ridinger and Actor/Singer Duane McLaughlin.

Amber and Duane made a special announcement at the beginning of their DNA Miracles talk, stating that all of the parents who brought children would be getting five tickets to the following year’s International Conference. Tying it all in, Duane reminds the crowd that Market America is a family. At its core, the business has about 25 thousand people and has been running steadily for 25 years. Duane says that he still remembers the first time that he got up on stage at a Market America event. He was so nervous, and now he’s been doing it for nine years. The atmosphere of inclusiveness brings people back again and again.

The core of Market America’s family-driven approach is offering non-toxic and simplified products for everyone’s households.

“And look where it’s come,” says Amber. She points to the DNA Miracles line that’s exclusively available through Market America’s shopping network. To talk more about the technology and ingredients behind the products, Amber and Duane invited Dr. Deedra Mason on stage. She’s a Director of Clinical and Education Research. When she and Amber first talked about creating the new line, Dr. Deedra says that Amber’s main concerns were with helping both babies and their mothers. Amber wanted to provide products for mothers’ overall wellbeing. Specifically, Amber was concerned about the overall energy level of mothers, and wanted to focus on improving it.

Market America SHop
Dr. Deedra Mason gives a talk on Market America product DNA Miracles

Amber says that through the term of a pregnancy, there’s really no way to avoid taking prenatal vitamins. With change of appetite and cravings, nutrition can suffer. Most pregnant women do have trouble stomaching multivitamins, says Amber. That’s why Market America offers a shake. Pregnant women can alter the shake mix to their tastes, adding fruits and vegetables to their liking and creating a great-tasting smoothie.

Amber says that Market America DNA Miracles ensure that mothers get enough calories to properly take care of their temple, their body.

This way, the baby can get all of the nutrients needed to develop, without a multivitamin hurting the mother’s stomach. The formula is protein-dense and gives mothers the much-needed calories, nutrition, and energy needed to care for herself and other children she may have. Nursing mothers need the proper supplements too given that when their child is breastfeeding, it takes a lot out of the mother.

The formula includes pea and rice proteins to form a nutrient-dense snack. But in addition to the energy-packed protein, the shake line contains unrivaled B vitamins that support brain development and the nervous system of the growing baby. Another big product in the DNA Miracles line is the vitamin D supplements. Parents seeing the benefit of vitamin D for themselves began asking Market America if their vitamin supplement was appropriate to give to their child. Market America came out with their own children’s C and D vitamins. These are formulated especially for children because they have the proper amount of vitamins that the child would need during development.

Amber says that her son started school and was bringing home every germ in the book. They needed something to help with the immune system, especially with a new baby at home. These new kid-friendly supplements were the perfect answer. The C and D vitamins were also formulated to taste good so that children wouldn’t be opposed to taking them. Duane says that he, Dr. Deedra, and Amber all take the supplements because they’re so good and have great benefits.

Market America App
According to Internet Retailer, Mobile Commerce makes up a whopping 30% of all US ecommerce

He says that the app is going to give Market America UnFranchise owners “a leg up, especially in a world where technology is forever growing and forever advancing.”

Selling DNA Miracles products has not only become easier because of the products and their quality, but Market America has also made DNA Miracles more accessible. They did so through the creation of the DNA Miracles app. The app is available now for your iPhone or Android phone. Duane says it’s a great place to learn more about DNA Miracles and give your customers a different experience than showing them the website or telling them about the products verbally. The app is free, and Duane says that Market America will continue to add new features to it. Duane continues that Market America sets trends and they’re the pioneers, so adding new technologies like this app is contributing to the company’s overall vision.

The DNA Miracles app is on the cutting edge of technology. It uses augmented reality to display products to customers. Imagine that you are away from home and meet an individual who is highly receptive to the products and interested in learning more. You may not have a laptop with you, but you surely have your phone. If you have the DNA Miracles app, you can easily open it and begin showing the individual what the products really look like. You’re putting the product in front of them without having to tote around a suitcase full of over a dozen bottles and containers. Best yet, you will know that you have the opportunity to show anyone the products since they’re just a click away.

It’s not a magic trick; it’s a new way to market.

Amber reminds the crowd to talk to your potential customers, listen and get to know them. She says that doing so “will enhance the platform.” Duane reinforces that the app is a great way to start a conversation. It’s not a magic trick; it’s a new way to market. The app is really a confidence builders. The tools for showing off the product are right on the app for you, making it simpler for you to connect with people one and one. It takes away the burden of having to describe products that aren’t there in person, and it prepares you for spontaneously showing the product when the time is right. Duane says “it’s not easy to get someone interesting in something that they don’t know about.” These tools help you break the wall of sales down. They get you closer to your customer. DNA Miracles is about getting in touch with people and providing them with the products they already need to stay healthy and happy.

Check out the Market America Blog to learn more about DNA Miracles, the Unfranchise business system, or other Market America products to keep your family healthy in 2018!


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