New Study Reveals Holiday Weight Gain is Real

The holidays are an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. For some people, the holidays can be stressful due to work and travel obligations.

A new study shows that holiday weight gain is a real issue. The average person gains over five pounds between October and January. There are multiple reasons for the weight gain. Almost everyone eats more around this period. It is also colder outside, and exercising is less pleasant in cold weather. Stress also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight. When a person feels stressed, it is much harder to stay on a healthy eating program. The study also discussed several ways that people can avoid weight gain during this time.

Controlling the Diet

Eating a healthy diet is the most critical aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. During the holiday season, it can be an arduous task to eat healthy meals. However, there are simple solutions for people who want to eat less junk food.

When attending parties where food is available, it is a good idea to bring healthy food options. Most people opt for an easy dish like a pie or other dessert. Instead, bring lean meat and vegetables.


Another essential part of a healthy lifestyle is getting adequate exercise. Exercise provides multiple benefits to the body. Not only does exercise help people lose weight, but it also increases muscle mass.

Maintaining a vigorous exercise program during the holidays is an excellent way to stay at a healthy weight. Even if a person eats more than usual, an exercise program can help reduce the amount of weight gained.


When traveling to visit friends and family members, it is reasonable to feel stressed. When most people feel stress, it is much harder to sleep properly. Although exercise can mitigate stress levels, meditation is another excellent option for people who want to relax. There are various free apps that anyone can download to start meditating.

Although the holidays are fun, gaining weight is typically part of the process. By following a few simple tips, the vast majority of people can enjoy the holiday season while also staying healthy.


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