Staying Healthy With Fabletics’ Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018

Come January 2nd (after hangovers have been cured), local gyms will be swamped with eager people, newly motivated by their resolutions to get into the best shape of their lives. Hips will be swaying to Zumba, fists will be punching in kickboxing class, and legs will be pushed to the limit on treadmills across the country. With the noblest of intentions, we will all begin the quest to self-betterment, and while we’re at it, why shouldn’t we look good? After all, looking and feeling great at the gym is a huge motivator to keep going throughout the remainder of the year.

If looking fabulous isn’t really your thing, think of the terrible wear and tear that your favorite old yoga pants have endured? Isn’t it time to take them out of their misery? Tis the season to toss that stretched-out sports bra that offers no support anymore, those ill-fitting shorts that expose your entire cheeks during downward dog, and the old college tee with yellow pit stains.

If you’re ready to ring in the new year with a few new essentials to keep you looking great while working toward the best version of yourself, we’ve got you covered! Below, we round up some of the best finds from the athleisure gods at Fabletics, where you’ll find highly durable, thoughtfully constructed athletic wear that won’t break the bank!

Sports Bras – Replace Every 3-12 Months

(Janet Seamless Bra)

Perhaps the most important piece of athletic wear, a good sports bra provides support, shape, structure, and allows you to move freely. According to Fitness Magazine, “the more you wash and wear your bra, the more you’ll weaken its elasticity.” Since we won’t be skipping on the washing part (hello, under-sweat!), we’ll stick to replacing sports bras in a timely fashion.

Perfectly neutral gray makes the Janet Seamless Bra from Fabletics a no-brainer. With interesting double strap and back details, and removable cups, this bra will be your new best friend for lower impact sweat sessions.

Leggings – Replace Every 1-2 Years

(High-Waisted Printed Powerhold Leggings)

Ah, beloved leggings, what did we ever do without you? While all leggings are different, their fibers eventually break down from wear and tear, as well as frequent washing. According to Shape Magazine, “if you have to constantly pull up your waistband or readjust the hem of your shorts or leggings, they’re probably stretched out and ready to be replaced.”

Try Fabletics’ High Waisted Printed Powerhold Leggings, which come in a plethora of colors and prints, becoming the standout piece of your athletic outfit. Slick details include a power-mesh lined waistband, offering support and light compression for a flattering silhouette.

Athletic Tops – Replace Every 1-2 Years

(Amelie Seamless Long Sleeve Pullover)

While most workout tops aren’t meant to provide as much compression and support as bottoms or bras, they face their own set of problems. Let’s face it, workout tops see their fair share of pit stains, funky odors, deodorant stains, and fiber pilling. With a longer life span, replace workout tops when you notice any of the previous transgressors. Go for dark colors, and air dry any non-cotton items. You’re welcome.

Try the Amelie Seamless Long Sleeve Pullover from Fabletics, which features seamless construction for zero chafing, and a super cute zipper detail. Made of moisture-wicking materials, this top will keep you dry and comfortable throughout even the toughest workouts.

Sneakers – Replace Every 8 Months (Or 400 Miles)

(Pacific Rope Sneakers)

Okay, so this may be an obvious one for avid runners, who regularly see damage to their sneakers. However, keep in mind that those studio sessions, SoulCycle classes, and even hiking ventures also wear down the supportive features of your kicks. Though your sneaks may still appear in good shape, Shape Magazine warns that “the real wear happens in the midsole of the shoe, which is the spongy material that’s usually made of air-injected foam inside the shoe under your foot.”

Try a pair of Fabletics Pacific Rope Sneakers, which feature memory foam insoles, and functional details like a molded heel, and treaded soles. Not only are these shoes gym-ready, but they also look amazing with any outfit.

Updating your gym wardrobe is not only a functional necessity, but is also a tool to keep you motivated, confident, and ready to commit to your resolutions, no matter what your fitness goals are. With so many great reviews and options available from head to toe to amp up your workout game, feeling good and looking good can lead to the fittest, most motivated year yet! Here’s to making, and keeping, those resolutions…in style!

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