Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

The holiday season is an excellent time to spend time with friends and family members. One of the best aspects of this time of year is eating delicious food. Some people gain a lot of weight during this time. The good news is that there are multiple ways to avoid gaining weight. Instead of gaining weight, people can even lose weight and build muscle by making a few lifestyle changes.

Watch Portions

Portion control is a vital aspect of maintaining weight. Eating one slice of pie will not cause a person to gain five pounds. However, eating an entire cake in one sitting may result in permanent weight gain. Understanding caloric intake is a central element of maintaining weight. It takes a person eating an extra 3,500 calories to gain an additional pound. Even if a person ate whatever they wanted for a few days, it would be nearly impossible to gain weight with reasonable portion control.

Changing Habits

One of the biggest reasons that people gain weight during this time of year is that their habits change. One cheat meal turns into a cheat month. Instead of taking this approach, people should carefully watch what is eaten during this time of year.


Another excellent way to prevent weight gain is to exercise. As it gets colder outside, fewer people exercise on a regular basis. However, starting a new training program can help a person lose fat and build muscle.

Resistance training is a proven way to improve fitness. Most people will notice dramatic results by weight training a few days each week. Use the holidays as a time to build new habits for 2019.

Sleep and Stress

Although the holidays are an enjoyable time of year, many people deal with increased stress levels as well. It is vital for people to prioritize sleep during this time. Some people cut back on sleep to attend more holiday parties. Instead of taking this approach, use the holidays as a time to reduce stress and rejuvenate. By adopting these tips, a person can improve their health during the holiday season this year.

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